Tips To Buy An Engagement Ring

Tips To Buy An Engagement Ring

Are you planning to propose to your Australian girlfriend or tie the knot? Then it is time for you to hunt for the best couple rings. A survey stated that almost 4% of the Aussies spend $20,000 on their engagement ring, and 1.5% spend over $25,000. Also, in the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, 20% of Australians visit four or more jewellers. It is worth spending quality time analysing the ideal ring as it symbolises the love that all the sweet couples cherish for life. Knowledge of how to purchase au engagement rings is essential if you want to wow your sweetheart with a stunning ring.

This article provides you with tips for buying an impressive engagement ring.

Try Getting Inspiration

You can take jewellery inspiration from various sources, but while it is an engagement ring, it’s more vital to think about your partner’s likes and dislikes. So Examine their present jewellery and take inspiration to evaluate what would work best. Try to know if they like traditional jewellery designs or more modest pieces?

Most of the time, your fiance might know what they want. There are also chances that your fiance might have shared their likes with their friends. So if you are planning for a surprise, you can get help from their pals. Nothing is more romantic than extending an engagement ring on knees that is perfect to the expectation of your soulmate.

Fix a Budget

Many trite phrases say you need to spend several months’ payment to buy an engagement ring. 20% of the Aussies believe that spending two months’ salary on your couple ring is a must. But 72% of the people ignore this as it is not the cost but the love that matters. You can now get unique au engagement rings within your budget with extreme uniqueness. All you need to do is fix a budget and hunt for a ring. Starting looking for an engagement ring two to three months before you plan to propose is a brilliant idea. So you’ll have enough time to save money and select the most acceptable option.

Get the Perfect Size

No one likes an alteration done on their symbol of love. Similarly, it won’t be a good idea to resize the ring after presenting it to your partner. It might create an emotional breakdown for your partner. And in some cases, it spoils the beautiful connection with the jewel as it might take days or weeks to get resized. So to fulfil the moment, it is essential to find the right size for your fiance. You can either use an old ring from your partner or use a free size ring to find the perfect size.

Customise the Ring

You will have a wide variety of ready to deliver au engagement rings, but you also have the privilege to customise the rings. It is a current facility offered by most jewellery sellers. Customising the jewellery lets you ask the jewel maker to add extra features of your preference to the ring. And most couples would love customised bands that make it more memorable. Also, when you customise the rings with unique features, it adds an extra sentiment to the jewel. 


When you plan to surprise your better half with a mesmerising au engagement ring, make sure that they will love it. For this, you need to understand your partner’s expectations for her ring. Understanding your partner’s likes without their knowledge might be quite challenging. But following the tips shared in the article can help you surprise your love with a stunning engagement ring. Also, it will remain as the symbol of the journey of your love throughout your lifetime. 

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