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The terms and conditions detail the laws and regulations regulating the usage of the website https:/oursearchengine.com/.

You consent to these Terms and Conditions entirely when visiting this platform. If you do not recognise all the terms and condition stated on this tab, do not proceed to use FLY.BIZ’s website.

The word “Consumer,” “You” and “your” applies to you the individual using the website and agreeing the terms and conditions of the Business, as well as some or all such arrangement. The following are described in words and terms. The company, “us and “our” apply to our group. “the company,” “our” and us.” “Party,” “Parties” or Us” imply the Consumer and us or the Customer or us. Both words apply to the bid, approval, and assessment of payment required for our customer support to be carried out in the best possible manner using organised meetings of a defined length or some other process for the same reason to fulfil the customer’s desires concerning and according to the availability of the services/products indicated by the Organization. Any use in the individual, plural or capitalisation and it or they, of the terminology mentioned above or other terms, shall be taken as interchangeable and consequently as referring to the same.


You submit to the usage of cookies in keeping with the Privacy Policy of FLY.BIZ using the FLY.BIZ website.

Many modern websites use cookies to allow users to gather information about users on and visit. In certain parts of our website, cookies are used to help this place to be running and simple to use for users. Cookies may be used by some of our affiliate/advertising partners.



FLY.BIZ and/or it’s licensees, unless otherwise specified, own all FLY.BIZ material’s intellectual property rights. Any privileges are limited as intellectual property. For your usage, you are allowed to access and/or print pages from https:/oursearchengine.com subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions.

You must not have to do:

  • Publishing content from https:/oursearchengine.com/
  • Sale, renting or licencing from https:/oursearchengine.com/
  • Copy, repeat or copy from https:/oursearchengine.com/
  • Redistribute FLY.BIZ material (except for the transfer of certain content).

Link to our material:

Without prior written permission, the following organisations will connect to our website:

  • Agencies of government;
  • Search motors;
  • News agencies;

When we are classified on the website of internet distributors, you can connect to our site as well as to the pages of other entities listed on the web; and except for non-link organisations, charitable shopping centres and charity funds collecting associations, system-wide approved businesses, which are not authorised to link to our site. We can connect you to our websites.

These organisations will connect to our webpage, publications or other material on the websites, providing that the link is not deceptive in some manner (a); (b) does not unintentionally mean that the link party and its goods or services are funded, endorsement, or authorised; and (c) suits into the background of the linked party site.

At our absolute discretion, we can recognise and authorise other requests for connections by the following organisations:

  • Popular knowledge outlets, such as chambers of commerce, the AARP and Consumers Union; the commonly-known sources of customer and/or corporate information;
  • group portals dot.com;
  • charities, like charities that offer pages, organisations or other organisations,
  • Distributors of web directories;
  • Web portals;
  • Companies whose primary customers are companies, accounting, law and consulting; and Trade unions and educational establishments.

We would not unfavourably connect our approved firms or us (e.g. industry groups and other organisations, serving suspicious business forms such as work-at-home opportunities), and the entity does not have an unsatisfactory record with us; We will consider proposals from such entities for links if we decide whether:

The connection to this website, to publications or any other details on the website, is given as long as not deceptive in any way; it does not misrepresent the link party, and its product(s) and services; it does not require the permission or agreement of the link party, and is suitable for the linked party’s website.

You must contact us by sending an email to ourearchengine.com if you are among the organisations mentioned below and want to connect to the web. Please include your name, corporate name and contact details (e.g. phone and/or email), the website URL and any URLs that you intend to attach to our site and a list of the URLs you wish to link with our site Please include a list of the URLs on our website. Let an answer take 2-3 weeks.

Licensed businesses will hyperlink the following to our website:

  • Through utilising our business name;
  • Using the same resource locator (web address) to which the link is made;
  • By using some other definition of our website or linked information, it is relevant in the sense and style of the content found on the connected platform.
  • A connection with the non-trademark arrangement is not authorised with FLY.BIZ logo or other artwork.


You cannot build frames across our websites or use other methods that modify the graphic presentation and appearance of our website in some manner without the prior approval and written consent.

Reservation of Rights: 

We reserve the right to recommend that you withdraw every access to our website at any time and your absolute discretion. On such order, you consent to erase all ties to our website automatically. We reserve the right at any point to change these terms and conditions and their relation policy. You agree to be guided by these terms and conditions by choosing to link to our website.


Removal of links from our website: 

You can contact us for any reason if you find any links or links on our web site objectionable. We accept requests to erase connections but do not have a responsibility to do this or to reply to you directly.

While we are working to make sure that we provide accurate details on this page, we do not guarantee its completeness or authenticity, nor do we make sure the website is accessible or up-to-date.


Content Liability: The material posted on your website would not be held accountable or accountable to us. You consent to indemnify us from and protect us from all lawsuits originating from or on your page. There should be no link(s) on any page on your website or in any form which contains content or material that may be viewed as objectionable, pornographic or illegal, or which infringes, breaches, otherwise advocates, or violates, any rights of third parties.


  • We may not contain any representation, guarantees, or provisions concerning our website and its usage towards the fullest practicable degree allowed by applicable law (including without limiting, any valid warranty concerning acceptable consistency, fitness for purpose and/or use of fair care or skill). In this disclaimer, nothing is going to:
  • Limit or exempt our or your responsibility for negligence or serious injury;
  • Limit or disregard our responsibility or your liability for fraud or fraud;
  • Limit in any way that is not required under applicable law any of our or your responsibilities;
  • Exclusion to all of our obligations or your liabilities not excluded under existing statute.

The restrictions and exclusions of responsibility laid down in this and elsewhere Portion of the disclaimer are as follows: a) are according to the preceding paragraph; and b) any liability arising out of or related to the disclaimer, including contractual liabilities, in mistake (including negligence) or neglect of legislative obligation. The clauses are, We shall be not responsible for any loss or harm of any sort if the platform and the content and resources available on the web site are provided without charge.

Please email us if you have any concerns on any of our words.