Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

To clarify how your sensitive information is used, please read this Data Privacy Policy (the “Policy”). If you do not approve, FLY.BIZ (the “Site”) is not your option. You contribute to this Policy by visiting or using this Platform. This Policy can alter periodically. We will remind you of any major improvements to the usage of your personal details. After we change the Platform, the usage is considered appropriate, but please reviews the Policy frequently for changes.

Buyers, Vendors and Tourists search the Web (“Users”) FLY; BIZ honours the privacy and is dedicated to preserving sensitive details with its customers. We think you have a right to know what details we gather during your access and/or usage of the site is our activities. Our privacy standards and facilities offered by FLY.BIZ can be clarified in this policy. This policy, you consent to our compilation, usage, disclosure, handling and preservation of your personal data by visiting and/or utilising the Web and its associated sites, software, facilities, products and/or registering for the FLY.BIZ account. The knowledge exchange in this Policy may also be limited.

Information We Collect: We require that some personal details, like a valid e-mail address, location, first name, last name, user name and password be provided, when you register with the Web. Additional details may be collected, including a physical location, a number of phones or some other communication information as well as additional authentication information to provide you the services you want (e.g. monetary transfer, redemption, distribution of actual goods) or business credibility (e.g. fraud prevention).

In addition, when accessing, searching, reading or otherwise utilising the Web, we collect details. In other terms as you visit the Platform we are aware of your use of the Site and are able to capture, collect and archive details related to this use including geo location information, IP address, computer and link information, browser information, and Web log information. We use this information to optimise our web interface, personalise the online experience and track the Site to deter fraud and improper material or behaviour. We use this information. We can also gather external data, such as demographic details and navigational data, from third parties.

Furthermore we have introduced perception monitoring in order to enhance the web experience at FLY.BIZ. When you are browsing our publications, we can collect user Global Unique Identity, user agent, IP, host, URL, country/continent, browser details, framework/operating system/operating system version from which request is made. We can collect user details.

If you register, you will be made available and accessible to all website users your user name and additional details about your operation. This information contains photographs that you post, published portfolios, details regarding the website, reviews and more detail that you might like to apply to your profile.

How do we collect Information?

The bulk of information we receive is given directly to us. You do this by the completion of the verification details on the Site and the mutual publishing and uploading of further information. This will include seller and web sites details, user location, portfolio communication, reviews and buyer input, and everything you can add to your user profile. We also indirectly and instantly collect technological knowledge through our systems. This could involve recording your IP (Internet Protocol), configuring the programme, running and cookie usage (cookies are tiny files that we submit to and from your computer). In the end, cookies allow us to boost navigation and to make our Web easy to access. In this Policy, under “Cookies,” you will find additional detail about cookies. We can also gather data from market-driven outlets including data aggregates and public datasets.

How do we use the Information collected?

All the processing of your personal data would be justified by a “requisite” to the processing as appropriate under applicable legislation. Processing is justified in the majority of situations on the grounds that:

  • You have granted us your permission to the usage for a certain reason of your personal information;
  • We use your personal details in order to conclude a deal (for example to offer service you have purchased), or to take action to enter into an arrangement with you;
  • Processing is expected to satisfy the applicable legal duty (e.g. avoidance of fraud) or regulatory obligation that we have;
  • The processing is required in order to serve our valid objectives as a company e.g. to expand or tailor our services to you), according to your interests and basic rights and in a manner that is proportionate at all times.

We will use your personal information for the following purposes:

Quality support and protection to offer you, For starters, to validate your identification, we will use the details that you gather. This information can also be used to create and establish your account, validate, or reissue a password, log in, and from time to time notify you. The detail lets us enhance our browsing experience for you and adjust it. Moreover this knowledge allows tracking and monitoring the integrity of material by illegal practises and other improper activities;

Maintaining appropriate corporate documents, compliance with valid demands by public bodies and complying with or necessary to comply with relevant laws and regulations. If you disable your account with us we will hold your details for a short time to satisfy the above aims. Before utilising details for a particular reason from that set out in this policy, we would ask for your permission.

Direct marketing: Our services or advertisements from FLY.BIZ that may be of interest to you as a whole or our relevant service may be used to give you direct marketing material. It can be achieved via Facebook, email, SMS, phone or web focused ads.

Our treatment of your personal data for marketing purposes in most situations is focused on our genuine interest, although certain cases (as allowed by law) may be based on your permission. You have the opportunity at any time to stop targeted marketing in any kind by following the opt-out connection attached to each contact or by submitting an email to

We take precautions to restrict direct marketing to an appropriate and proportionate standard and submit communications which, based on the knowledge we have regarding you, we think might be of concern or value for you.

How long do we keep your information?

We just apply a general rule that holds personal data for as long as it is appropriate to satisfy the aim of compilation. We can therefore keep your personal data for longer periods in such circumstances. For the following purposes, we can keep your information.

As long as it’s appropriate and important to our activities e.g. such that in the case of concerns or challenges, we provide clear reports of your relations with us and that we are willing to retain sensitive details from closed accounts in order to conform with relevant legislation, avoid theft, obtain any due payments, settle conflicts, resolve troubleshooting issues, help an inquiry, enforce our platform conditions and enforce our platform conditions.

Under 13 years of age, children: 

Our website is not for children below the age of 13. Personal details should not be given on or on the Web by any user under 13 years of age. The confidential details we receive from children under 13 is unintentionally gathered. Parents and guardians should still track the behaviour of their children. When we hear the sensitive information is gathered or collected from an individual under the age of 13, we can remove it. Please email us at if you think we might have some details from or regarding a child under 13.

Third-party exchange of sensitive information:

Without your express permission, we shall not offer or rent your personal details to third parties for marketing purposes.

Our programmes, material or ads may be enhanced and personalised by integrating your personal details with that that we automatically acquire, or receive from other firms. You can opt-out of the connector attached to each contact or by submitting an email to if you do not want to obtain marketing material from us.

We must only in order to run the Web, provide our services to you, fulfil the obligations placed on us under applicable law and regulations and avoid fraud and illegality, provide your personal information to third parties, as stated below:

  • For services providers to open, run and conduct supply services, for example, payment providers, CRM platforms, hosting forums, group management services, mailing systems or engineering consultants). to service providers for your account. We may not enable the usage of your details for their own (marketing) purposes through arrangements with these service providers. We are taking commercially fair measures in line with relevant legal standards to enable third parties to properly secure and only process your Sensitive Details in conjunction with our directives;
  • To reply to a summons or an order by the judiciary, judicial process or regulatory bodies if we deem it fairly required by statute, for the purposes of dealing with legal procedures; when we believe that it is necessary or reasonable to report personal information, such as the inquiry into actual or suspected theft or breaches of law, violations of the laws of law to the law enforcement authorities;
  • To protect and defend the platform against theft, illegal dealings (such as money laundering), lawsuits or other liabilities. We are not collecting credit details, just enabling payment services to gather data to collect purchases from customers on the Web or pass payments to sellers. We are not collecting credit information. Our payment details to our payment sellers are not open to us, and this information is subject to the payment seller privacy policy; and


  • If you have a chance to a corporation such as a merger, selling, relocation of any or a part of FLY.BIZ properties, takeover, bankruptcy or a similar case you will be able to reveal your personal details.


Where do we put your personal data?

Any of the personal details you send us may be collected or transmitted by vendors and data processors on our behalf and may be based in other countries including the United States and Israel, whose rules may be different to your jurisdiction. Nothing in the EU or the US, the EU — US Privacy Shield and /or similar data-sharing arrangements are regulated by ordinary contractual provisions for European Union (EU) or internally, to external parties and some transference of personal details from the European Economic Area(“EEA”) to countries not considered to be sufficient in terms of data security. We will make every fair attempt to ensure the secure and legal handling of your personal details.

  • Cookies:
  • When you visit the website, we can use industry-wide technologies such as ‘Cookies,’ which store some details on your device and enable us, amongst other matters, to allow the automated registration of the site to improve the simplicity and effortlessness of your browsing. If you choose to use this website, in compliance with the terms of this Agreement, you consent to install cookies on your machine or smartphone.
  • The Web uses cookies to gather data about usage of the site and change the configuration of the site to fit your personal preferences. These files provide a set of details like information about you, the period you visited the Web, how you came to visit the site, places you viewed on the site and more detail. For the time listed below, cookies stay on your computer.
  • More details on the types of cookies we use are given below:
  • Cookies Needed –Required cookies are necessary and help you browse the Web. This helps to facilitate the protection and basic features and is needed for the proper functioning of the Web, but we cannot guarantee your usage or security during your tour if you block such cookies.
  • Cookies for features –Cookies for features are used to provide you with the optimal user experience. For example, these cookies are used to configure your content according to your position. It also helps the Platform to recall choices made to include more personal functionality (such as removing the use of cookies or the places that you have chosen previously).
  • Performance cookies –Performance cookies help us recognise the website’s website users’ actions. In order to have the best details for our project priorities, we continually develop the Platform. These cookies allow us to recognise the success of our site, for example, by informing us which pages are most viewed by users and by having error notices on the websites. All the knowledge gathered by such cookies is aggregated in order to enhance the functioning of the Web. Any of these cookies are controlled by third parties, and for more details, you can respond to third-party privacy alerts. We use cookies from Google Analytics in particular to provide an analysis of user preferences and volumes and to enhance the overall website experience. Google Analytics is a third-party, Google Inc. Data analysis tool that utilises cookies and targets cookies. Google Inc. shall send and maintain details on your use of the Web (including the IP address) to and on servers in the United States via these cookies.
  • To assess the usage of our Platform on behalf of our behalf, Google can use the details obtained for the purpose of collecting data on website operations and offering us other activities and internet-related services. Google would not connect any other Google-owned data with your IP address. By choosing the required browser settings, you may deny the usage of cookies as mentioned below. In addition, by uploading and installing a plugin, you can block Google from collecting and utilising data (cookies and IP address). This provides an opt-out that prohibits the data from being further analysed. Please see Google’s support pages and privacy policies for more details on Google Analytics cookies. We cannot promise how the website functions for you if you prevent these cookies.


The blocking or deletion of cookies: We save a cookie on your machine or tablet to save it for the next period after you have granted us your approval to the usage of cookies so that we can save your interests and time during future visits by removing the required entry of the same data twice. You may set your browser to block all cookies, even cookies that are connected to our services or to decide when we set a cookie. For any device you use, this can be achieved through the browser settings. Please notice that if your browser does not allow cookies, some of our services will not operate. However, when using “trustworthy websites” on your web browser, you can accept cookies from particular websites.

The following links will help you handle cookies or use the ‘help’ option for more information in your internet browser:

  • media discovery
  • Chrome Google
  • Safari
  • Flash cookies Adobe (Adobe)

Whether you choose to or decline to use cookies on a computer or device, other users of the computer or device will have an effect.

Details about the elimination or monitoring of Cookies can also be found at (note that FLY.BIZ is not supported on this page and we cannot thus guarantee its authenticity, completeness or availability). It is important to note that if the cookies are disabled, many of our services will not run properly. In certain instances, cookies will, for example, save you your usernames and passwords and allow the continuation of the session.


External links:

Please be aware that if you link to a third party website from that site, your personal data and any use of such data by the third parties are not controlled by and do not comply with this policy. Please note that this site may contain links to any third-party site. The privacy policy for each website you access should be consulted. This policy only refers to personal data gathered from our site. You would be bound to social networking terms of use and privacy rules for your application to the social network, even though you publish the material on the official FLY.BIZ site page on the social network, including your personal details. We have no oversight, and we have not checked their adequacy over these terms of use and privacy policy. Therefore before you send any personal details, you can check them.


We take great measures to preserve and avoid unauthorised entry, deletion, abuse, change, degradation or harm to the Web Site, and Your details by industry practise and internal procedures. We promise contractually that every third party handling your personal data ensures the secrecy and completeness of your data in a protected manner fairly. Data is not distributed exclusively via the internet. While we will try our utmost to secure your data, we cannot guarantee your data transmitted to the Web at your own risk. Once the data have been obtained, we use stringent protocols and authentication features to stop unauthorised entry.

Users that have registered on the Web promise to retain a strict trust in their password and not to reveal it to a third party. Further details may be given on request about our data protection activities.

Rights of Users Under EU Regulation:

In compliance with EU regulation effective by 25 May 2018, you may be concerning your personal details, have any or more of the following rights:

  • To receive a copy of your individual data and information about how and on what basis personal data is processed;
  • To the right misrepresented personal data;
  • eradicating your sensitive details were for the reasons for which the information was gathered or stored, it is no longer necessary;
  • To limit the processing of your personal information if it challenges the quality of your personal information; it is unlawfully stored; however, you object to the removal of your personal data; it is no longer necessary for personal data to be obtained but is needed for legal recourse;
  • Contest the sorting that according to our valid interests, we have justified;
  • To object only to automatic processing and/or profiling decisions;
  • To have or get a copy transmitted to a third parties controller by way of a portable copy of your personal information;
  • Obtain a copy or access to protections for the sharing of your sensitive details outside the EEA.
  • You will have the ability to lodge a lawsuit with a data privacy supervisory body.



Before releasing the requested details, we can ask you for more information to validate your identity and for security purposes. Where law so permits, we reserve the right to charge a commission. We can also withdraw from handling requests which threaten other people’s privacy, which is highly impractical or would contribute to action not allowed in compliance with relevant legislation. Furthermore, we will have to maintain some personal details for record-keeping, accounting and fraud detection purposes, in compliance with appropriate regulations, for a defined period of time.

You’re Privacy Privileges in California:

Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code allows citizens of California members of this site to submit some specifics of our personal data for their direct marketing purposes to third parties. Please email for such an order.

You’re Details Update:

We take precautions to ensure correct and up-to-date personal details we receive and provide you with a chance to change your information through the settings in your account profile. Please let us know instantly in case you find your details to be incorrect or inaccurate. We would guarantee that we review and fix any inaccuracies at the earliest moment, or provide you with the potential to amend them easily or remove them – whether we retain them for valid commercial or legal reasons. We will ask you to check your identification until we can act upon your request as your personal information is changed. If you have an issue with the deletion of your personal details for whatever cause, please contact FLY.BIZ Customer Service, and we make fair attempts to remove the data in compliance with all relevant data security laws.

By signing into the web and visiting your account profile page, you will check and alter your personal details. If you uninstall from the web, as described in FLY.BIZ’s Service Terms, your UGC copies can stay available in indexed, preserved pages or may have been saved or preserved by other UGC users if you remove your UGC material from the site. Our Terms of Service shall control correct access to and usage of information on the web, including UGC.

Data privacy policy updates:

We reserve the right at any point to alter this policy, so please visit this site regularly. Changes to this Policy shall be effective from the Last Update” date specified, and your continuing usage of the web on or after the Last Update date shall be the approval and consent of any modifications.

Email us:

We kindly invite you to open a Consumer Relations ticket to exercise all of your privileges pertaining to your personal details. Please provide all necessary information in order to treat your ticket correctly. We handle all proposals according to local rules, regulations and procedures. Please email us at if you do not have an active FLY.BIZ account. Please contact us at to respond within a fair timeframe if you have concerns or comments regarding this policy.