Yoga Body Cues To Look For To Avoid Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Yoga Body Cues To Look For To Avoid Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Besides the awesome physical and emotional benefits of a yoga studio Brookvale, there is a useful thing called body awareness. I have seen a lot of yogis complain about shoulder or knee pain. Yoga should help you relieve your pain and not cause more pain. You do not have to be a doctor or a physiotherapist to know how to listen to your body and back off when you are pushing yourself too hard. You should listen to your body when doing yoga and modify your poses without feeling pain.

When you experience pain in a balancing pose, you should not just breathe through the pain and let it consume you. If you force yourself to do what your body is not capable of doing, you might not be able to walk again. You should know when to pause, when to adjust and when to stop.

Sometimes, you could experience pain in your ankle and tell your instructor about it. Some instructors will tell you to go on and take the pain but it is important to remember that you know your body more than your instructor. You should therefore make the decision on whether to continue or stop. Here are some body cues that you should listen to when doing yoga.

Burning pain

Burning pain is not good. Balancing poses will lengthen and strengthen you. But when you start experiencing a burning pain during yoga near me, you should bring your foot back down. You could also try the pose on the ground in a supine position or in a tabletop position. Whilst a few yoga instructors might tell you to take the pain, you should never let anyone force you through the pain because you know your body better.

Neck pain or stiffness

If you take neck pain or stiffness lightly then you might not be able to move your neck for some time or forever. If you are doing a pose like a headstand and you experience a sharp pain in your neck, you should stop. Perhaps your neck is not strong enough for advanced poses and you need to strengthen it before you start trying the complicated poses. It is, therefore, crucial to talk to your doctor before you proceed.


Some poses will cause you to be dizzy or lightheaded but you have to listen to your body cues. If you experience vertigo and push yourself hard through hot yoga, you may worsen the situation. Light-headedness and vertigo will get worse with dehydration. You should, therefore, drink some coconut water, eat a banana and drink a gallon of water if you are experiencing vertigo to ensure it goes away before you continue.

Shoulder tear

You should get out of a yoga studio Brookvale for a while if you have a shoulder tear. It takes a while for shoulder injuries to heal. However, if you have a good instructor, he will help you perform poses that could help you improve from your shoulder injury. Do not try anything that you are not sure of.

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