Tips For Reusing Already Published Content

Tips For Reusing Already Published Content

None of us have the time or even the resources to keep creating the amount of content required to keep attracting and retaining visitors on the web. Creating new content capital and coming up with ideas for new topics is close to impossible and very much challenging. If you are worried that all your efforts would go to waste just because you cannot develop new content ideas, we would surely suggest you read this article.

In this post, we will give you doable and helpful tips for creating new content for your site or blog. Re-using old content is one of the best yet most unconventional ideas you might have come across to date. If you think of it as a bad idea because of self-plagiarism, you should not worry about this. The tips discussed in this post would help you reuse already published content without stressing plagiarism.

Popular Tips to reuse already published content!

Here are some essential tips and tricks that can help you reuse old content.

Using Google Analytics to find out underperforming content

Before reusing content, you have first to analyze your site’s content and find out the content that is not performing and gaining any traffic. You can find two types of content on your site. The first kind of posts are those with high traffic but low conversion rates, and the second one is the post with low traffic but high conversion rates. You can work on both of these types of posts and find out what’s wrong with them. Repurposing these posts can help you win more traffic and more conversions simultaneously.

You cannot only work on the posts that are not performing, but you can also update and republish the posts that are performing extremely well but are lost on the lower pages of your site. To reuse all content you have already published, you need to follow the tips listed below!

Always link to your older articles

When you rewrite old content, you have to make sure that you link it back to its original version. In this way, the search engine would know that you are taking references from the parent source. You would not have to worry about duplication accusations anymore. You can rewrite the contents manually or use an online paraphrase tool so that you don’t have to worry about any traces of intentional or unintentional duplication.

Find new and add high search volume keywords

When you are reusing old content, you also have to find out the keywords you have used and check their positioning. If the position of the keywords has gotten low, you can easily update the contents with new keywords related to your niche and publish it again on your site. This would help you gain more traffic on your old post.

Change all titles and headlines in the old content

When you are reusing an old post, you have to make sure that you tweak its structure. If you are using a digital paraphraser and rewriting the content body, you also need to make some efforts to recreate the headlines and title tags of the post. If you use the same structure and the headings used in the old version, you would be accused of plagiarism. We suggest you spin the heading tags and create new ones for a unique look to avoid this accusation.

Change and update all visual content on the post 

When you are reusing an old post, you have to rephrase the text and the visual content. Now it is quite simple to rewrite text with the help of a paraphrase tool but finding new yet relevant images is not easy. Now you don’t have to stress about getting a new image for your repurposed contents as long as you have access to free reverse image search utilities. Image search utilities can help you find royalty-free and relevant images for your site.

Add new information in the old post

Every day new updates are seen in technology and tools. For instance, if you had written an article about Apple devices last year, you can easily recreate that post by adding information about the new gadgets and devices launched and updated this year. This is a good way of reusing old content and creating new contents capital.

Create standalone posts based on old headings

If you have published a 2500 article in the past, it would surely have some key points, ideas, and headings on which you have generated it. You can up your research skills and collect ample data on each heading and idea you have collectively used in the old article. You can create a bunch of new posts with this technique. You can also use some passages from the old post as long as you have rephrased it with the best paraphraser.

These are some tips that can help you reuse content you have already published on your site!

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