Processing Industry: Importance Of Boilers & Burners

Processing Industry: Importance Of Boilers & Burners

Several industries can’t function without boilers, especially the food processing industry, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries. Boilers served the industrial facilities for years; hence, it’s seen as an essential asset for the business. It (boiler) is so influential in the processing industry that the quality of the product directly depends on the quality of the boiler. So, maintaining these boilers in optimum condition is vital for the business. The burner being the central part of these boilers, you must also look for a burner service in Atlanta, Ga. It is important to connect such a service to meet the needs of preventative maintenance.

Why are burners essential?

A burner is a component that provides the primary function in the whole system. It mixes air and fuel to make combustion. They can be fired on several fuel types, but oil, propane, natural gas, and coal are the most used fuels. Recently, businesses have started using just natural gas to reduce the carbon and other harmful gases they generate during product processing.

Atlanta is a city with significant industries and startups—but few dominate the others, and they are the primary revenue makers of Georgia State. Some of the major industries in Atlanta are:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare and biomedical
  • Manufacturing/processing
  • Logistics
  • Film and television

Among these, processing manufacturing is a booming industry. Processing manufacturing is seen in beverage, chemical, food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, cannabis, biotechnology industries. And boiler is the main component of all these processing machines. These industries are the major money makers in Georgia.

Why is regular maintenance necessary for boilers?

The boiler’s function indeed is what makes the products excellent, and because of that, the boilers must work all the time without any break. To keep the boilers functioning well, you need to take care of periodic maintenance and efficiency checks. Boiler failure causes many issues in the business, and the firm loses a huge amount of money as well. The advantages of boiler maintenance are as follows:

  • Low replacement cost
  • Least fuel required
  • Saves water
  • High energy efficiency
  • Reduced emission
  • Anticipated downtime for maintenance

Apart from these benefits, you need to hire a professional agency for a regular boiler maintenance program because of the following reasons:

  • To monitor the water quantity
  • Proper boiler blowdown
  • Proper insulation

Benefits of routine burner service:

Burners play a vital role in the whole product processing process. And its regular service pays a major dividend on many fronts.

  • A well-maintained burner uses less fuel
  • Less emission if kept in good condition
  • Better reliability and 24×7 smooth functioning
  • The life span of the system is improved as lifters, and drum tubes are less exposed
  • Safe for employees/less work-related hazards

You can easily hire a burner service agency in Atlanta, Ga, to maintain your boilers and burners regularly. You will find several agencies offering their services at a low rate, but always choose the licensed and registered ones for your assurance and safety.

Most of these agencies will offer the following services:

For boilers-

  • Daily boiler maintenance checklist
  • Monthly inspection of boiler checklist
  • Periodic maintenance checklist for boilers

For burners-

  • Analyzing the fuel supply
  • Cleaning components
  • Inspecting the chamber of the burner
  • Controlling the flame watcher
  • Adjusting the pressure sensor

Maintenance of both boilers and burners is crucial for the proper functioning of the food/chemical/pharmaceutical processing firm. And any malfunctioning in these components will delay the supply of these necessary products in the market. You can fix monthly maintenance service for the boilers, and for burners, you need at least a bi-weekly maintenance service.

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