How To Find The Best Sites For Guest Blogging

How To Find The Best Sites For Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has gained enough popularity in the last few years due to the several benefits given to the bloggers. Some benefits are:

  • Reputation build-up
  • Brand awareness for new readers
  • SEO betterment
  • Attract endless loyal readers

It is not very easy to get good quality guest blogging chances. If you get such high-quality opportunities, you must move in the right direction to crack that guest blogging opportunity. This blog is all about guest blogging. This article will give strategic ideas about successful guest blogging. Here you will also get useful insights about successful pitching for guest blogging.

1. Blog related to a particular niche

Your written blog must have a professional approach and must contain useful information for your targeted readers. Your niche must go well with that of the website you choose for guest blogging. That particular website will only allow you for guest blogging when your writing style and content get approved by them. Your content must have some unique factor in it. Your content must be of high quality to satisfy the readers of the website chosen by you.

2. Social Profiles

The editor of a guest blogging website often checks your social presence. Here the quality matters more than the quantity. You must have strong social profiles to qualify for guest blogging. Your various social media accounts like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter are the deciding factor of your acceptance as a guest blogger. But do not worry if you do not have many followers in your social media accounts as it will not negatively affect you.

3. Keyword search

Choose a particular niche and search in google for the keywords that are related to your niche and are frequently searched by the readers at the same time. It is very important to attract a large number of targeted customers. You must try to make a list of all the links of popular bloggers who have done guest blogging at one point of time in their career.

4. Ascertain whether your selected sites accept guest blogging or not

You are ready with a list of well-known websites. So now you have to determine whether those sites allow guest bloggers to write on their site or not. Various websites contain pages like ‘Write for Us’ or ‘Guest Posting‘. So these pages can give you the required information. You can also get useful insights regarding guest blogging in ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages. Also, remember to minutely search the footer and the sidebar for such detailed information.

5. Worthy blog

You must go for a blog that provides various SEO benefits. For these, you must follow some important guidelines.

  • Find out whether your chosen blog has a “do follow” or “no follow” link. Never go with a blog having a “no follow” link.
  • Do not forget to find out the strength of domain authority. Various guest bloggers do not take it seriously but this step is very crucial. Do not follow a domain having a score of less than 30.
  • Then find out 10 posts of a particular site that has been published recently and has engaging audience support.

6. Pitch preparation

It is time to present your pitch directly to the owner of the website you chose.

Do good research on the writing guidelines of that particular website. Your pitch must contain the reason for choosing you as a guest blogger and brief your article as well.

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