Strata buildings play a central role in the growth and development of cities like Sydney as they provide housing and office spaces to the ever-increasing population. These include private apartments, townhouses, commercial buildings, and they are growing more and more popular Strata cleaners in Sydney over the years for their effective housing solution. Statistics show that about 9% of the population live in apartments, which means that those people require a clean, well-maintained space to lead their lives healthily and work freely. 

Strata cleaners in Sydney include not domestic but professional cleaners from one of the best cleaning companies like Curtis Cleaning to ensure that the commonly used spaces remain safe for the hundreds of residents, and here’s why:

  • The Need for Specialised Cleaning Equipment

Average domestic homes can make do with one person maintaining the living spaces of a small family and the walkways and gardens around it. But strata buildings like apartments cover larger grounds. They have high raised windows, rooftops, lounges, parks, pools, hundreds of stairs, car parking lots, driveways, elevators, and more which may be difficult for residents or domestic cleaners to reach. In addition, these buildings would have delicate surfaces and corners that can be cleaned only using specific tools designed for them like wet vacuums, rotary floor machines etc., to keep them sparkling clean and healthy.

  • The Need for Stronger Cleaning Products

Private single homes do not necessarily collect enormous dirt and microorganisms as the spaces are used by a small group of members from a family with similar hygiene routines. And it is relatively easier to find products to clean the house as they only need to know what their family members are allergic to. However, strata buildings have hundreds of residents of various ages, lifestyles, health issues, hygiene and allergies, making it dangerous to use any random cleaning product. So instead, professional cleaners assess all the requirements of the residents and the building and use the appropriate products and the tools necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • The Need to Ensure Health and Prevent Community Illnesses

The more people, the more infections caused due to the accumulation of dirt, germs, allergens and microorganisms. Hundreds of people living nearby and using common spaces could increase the chances of these germs and bacteria spreading from one another if not taken care of. This requires particular kinds of cleaning products that ensure that all these common facilities are taken care of, creating a safe and healthy environment for the residents.

  • The Need for Skilled Professionals

To operate the specialised tools and cleaning products to sanitise apartments and strata structures required a specific set of skills and training. Expert cleaners from commercial cleaning companies are trained to clean common areas thoroughly to ensure no spots, grime, or dirt stuck in corners of the buildings. They also use safety equipment and skills that follow the government standard to avoid injuries and accidents on the job. This level of safety, security and skill is required more for strata cleaning.

  • Covering Specific Places by Specific People

As opposed to domestic cleaning, which involves mainly the indoor cleaning of the house and the common areas surrounding it, strata primarily cleaning focuses on sanitising shared areas in buildings and not individualised apartments, due to the sheer size and the amount of work it requires many more people than domestic cleaning to ensure efficiency and speed.

Therefore, when it comes to keeping the apartment and office buildings clean, professional strata cleaners in Sydney are your perfect choice.

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