Different Types Of Wedding Catering Styles To Know

Different Types Of Wedding Catering Styles To Know

There are certain factors you need to consider before choosing wedding catering near me. You need to know what you want to achieve and the number of guests at your wedding before choosing a catering style. You also want the food to be served at the correct temperatures. You should not keep your guests waiting for food to be served. Keep in mind that a lot of options will slow down the flow of the event.

It is also important to consider the amount of food and the cost of services and the food. Read on to know some of the most common catering styles you need to know.

Plated meal

A plated meal is when a chef makes and prepares the food and a server brings the food to the guests. This ensures the guests at your wedding are served promptly. Your guests don’t have to leave their table to get food. The options are typically limited for the guess. Everyone may choose their preferred meal option ahead of time. This means that the cook or chef knows how much food is required. This results in less food wastage. Keep in mind that you will pay the servers for bringing food for your guests.

Cafeteria style buffet

A lot of weddings have some sort of buffet. A buffet can have servers or not depending on your catering agency and your needs. This can affect the timeliness of the event. Servers can keep the line moving. They can also answer questions about the food options if the guests get confused. There are a lot of food options compared to a plated dish. You run the chance that there’ll be more food left over because you will have more options and you don’t know what your guests will eat. This will force you to order more food for each option. You will pay for servers if you wish to have them. Buffets are very popular because they give your guests the chance to get up and interact with each other.

Self-serve buffet

This is similar to the cafeteria buffet but the top difference is that you don’t have servers at the buffet. Guests will serve themselves. This comes with the risk of some guests taking a very long time to make food decisions. There should be two sides to the buffet and clear labels for the dishes if you’re concerned about the line not moving smoothly.

There are more options than plated meals but this will affect the amount of food needed. You’ll still not be sure which foods will be popular among your guests. This means you’ll have to order more food to be prepared. Guests tend to serve themselves more food than they can eat just because they don’t know the proper sizing for their needs.

Family style

This is another wedding catering near me style that you can use at your event. This style is similar to the plated meal style. The food is prepared by a chef and brought to the tables by a server. It is then placed in the middle of the table for people to share.

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