Dazed Smiles: Common Dental Problems Which Need Precautions

Dazed Smiles: Common Dental Problems Which Need Precautions

A feeble smile is not a silly issue to address! Smiles and happiness are closely associated with dental hygiene and problems. Dental problems could be easily dissuaded if there is better care and proper checkups. Brushing day and night, flossing and having a healthy diet are some contributing factors that improve dental hygiene. The headaches like cosmetic needs could be cured perfectly through treatments like porcelain veneers.

Having better education about familiar dental issues could help in the prevention easily. Take a look at the list and take care of the teeth!

1) Cavities

Cavity, which is also known as tooth decay, is one of the prevalent diseases in the world. A cavity occurs when the enamel on the teeth gets attacked by the acid produced in the mouth. This acid is produced when plaque and sugar or starch are combined. Cavities are commonly seen in children but can happen to people of any age. The viable option to put a halt to the issue is to have a healthy diet with fewer sugar meals. A dentist can give more recommendations if the problem becomes hysterical.


Halitosis or bad breath always gives the person a condescending smile. Studies show that bad breath is not only embarrassing but also can be a reflector of a dental condition. Diseases like oral cancer, sore gums and cavities are closely associated with halitosis.

It is a misleading fact that mouthwash prevents bad breath. Mouthwash just masks the odour for a short while. To cure the real cause, it is better to visit the dentist.

3) A meek smile 

There are a lot of people who are less confident about their teeth which directly affects their smile too. Even though it is not a dental problem, technically, there are treatments to enhance confidence. Porcelain veneers, teeth whitening are some cosmetic dental works that help to brighten the smile. Dental veneers help to fix the gap and broken teeth. It gives naturality to the durable teeth too.

4) Periodontal disease

Gum disease is a very common infectious disease. One of the main causes of periodontal disease is it has links with tooth loss and heart disease. Adults above 30 years old are more vulnerable to this disease. Smoking, diabetes and dry mouth are some crucial risk factors to take care of. Brushing and flossing twice a day can prevent the disease to an extent. However, it is better to consult the dentist if there are bleeding gums, bad breath and painful chewing.

5) fever blisters and canker sores

Mouth sores are bothersome, but if it doesn’t last for more than a week, they are not a severe thing to worry about. Canker sores inside the mouth are not contagious and will mostly last less than a week, while fever blisters are not completely curable even if they disappear fast.

6) Oral cancer

Oral cancer is a serious problem which affects the smile of millions of people. Tobacco, alcohol and HPV are the main villains in this problem. Oral cancer is curable only if it is treated in the initial stage. Suppose there are sores or lumps in the mouth, which makes chewing or any other movement of the mouth organs difficult. In that case, it is strictly advised to visit the dentist.

7)Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is commonly addressed in dental problems. The pain experienced while having hot or cold drinks are the symptoms related to this issue. It is a treatable disease. Make an appointment with the dentist if there is a discomfort suddenly or during brushing.

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