Custom Silicone Rubber Tools For Various Industries

Custom Silicone Rubber Tools For Various Industries

Various industries like medical, food and bakery, electronic parts, silicone masks etc. are using silicone molds to run their business. According to the nature of applications custom silicone molds can be divided into food grade, medical grade and industrial grade. Custom silicone molds can be manufactured in large form or small form according to the nature of your product to be sold. Silicone Rubber molds are used by various industries such as automotive, home appliances, medical, electronics and construction. Some frequently used rubber molds are bushing, grommets, bellows, rings, gaskets, rubber feet, washers, rubber rolls and strips, pump parts etc. 

If you are looking for a custom silicone molds manufacturers you need professionals who can understand your project needs. The company provides you various silicone molds to various brands, wholesale and retail dealers. For food industry you need silicone material which should be BPA free, environment friendly, easy clean, quick dry and waterproof. If you use natural rubber gained from the rubber tree you can save the earth from disposable plastic. Natural rubber silicone molds are sustainable, recyclable, waterproof and anti-bacterial. OEM AND ODM are two basic kinds of silicone molds. 

Custom silicone molds passes various stages like 3D designing, sample processing, product optimization and final service. Some brands order silicone molds in large quantity but get afraid if the molds would pass elasticity test, toughness and transparency test, flame retardancy test and weather resistant test. An ideal silicone mold must be designed with latest 3D technology. Adhesion must be quick fix to bear oil, heat and weather effects. There should be no cracking in the molds when used in outdoors. In fact professionally designed silicone molds are durable and flexible.

Various big shot industries demands adhesive and sealants, pacifiers, soothers, kitchenware, laptop and gadget bags, accessories, plastic, rubber molds and so on. Silicone houseware tools must be odorless, scratch free and sustainable with heat to fit with every kitchen ware industry. These silicone tools must fit to every kitchen utility and appliances which should be microwave safe and eco- friendly. If you compared silicone tools with normal plastic tools you will find it non-biodegradable. So far kitchen utilities are concerned it must be flexible and durable with your pans and pots. Plastic, wood, stainless steel and aluminum kitchen ware have its own limits.

Silicone is different from plastic it is basically a silicon which bonded silicon and oxygen. Silicone has strong smell but in silicone molds or kitchen ware the smell gets eliminated automatically after few washes. Ordinary silicone products are rough but food grade silicone has good toughness and elasticity. Silicone house ware products can withstand heat up to 220 degree Celsius and 428 degree Fahrenheit. With sudden temperature changes silica kitchen ware can go from freezer to oven. The utensils barely expand or contract. The material is safe for kids and don’t retain odors for longer period. 

As for many dieticians and food bloggers concludes that silicone spatulas are best for cool food. For hot foods metal, wood or steel utensils are worthy. Silicone house ware is a smart replacement of non-stick tools. They are best for reuse and low fat oil free cooking. 


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