Ava Addams Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career, Net Worth

Ava Addams Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career, Net Worth

Talk about the most followed and famous adult stars, the name Ava Adams pops up frequently. There are quite a few renowned adult industry stars globally and have a massive fan base. Ava Addams’s lifestyle can be closely looked at by following her on several social media platforms. She is currently 39 years old, and her erotic videos become an instant hit whenever they are released. She has several collaborations with different co-stars and has made hugely popular videos. Her work has gained much praise since she started working in the industry. She joined the industry in 2008 for Playboy magazine. 


Ava Addams Personal Life


An erotic model and adult star, Ava Addams shares a great deal of her life through erotic videos with her fans very often. Born on 16th September 1981, Addams is now 39 years old. She is originally from France and is of French Italian descent. She practices Christianity, and her sun sign is Virgo. Ava Addams’s lifestyle has been one of the most discussed topics. She graduated from River Oaks Elementary School. Not much is known about her parents or siblings. She is currently unmarried and likes to keep privacy over her relationships. She was previously dating Michael Manero. She has a son who was born in 2011. 




Playful on-screen and playful offscreen might be one of the best descriptions of Ava Addams’s personality. She is described to have a charming personality by her co-workers. She is very interactive with her fans on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. She often has live streams on Instagram and has very casual sessions with thousands of her fans. She is highly professional in her work and has a good work ethic. 


Ava Addams Popularity 


She is one of the most popular ladies in the adult industry. She is known for her voluptuous figure and busty assets. Her popularity in the Indian Subcontinent is huge. She is a well-known star globally and is highly paid as well. She is single as of now and has no plans of retiring. She continues to make videos even when she has hit her late 30s and is about to turn 40 this year. She is one of the most desired females globally, and her age is the perfect fantasy for men and boys. Her net worth is around 4 million dollars, primarily coming from the viewership of her exclusive content and videos. 


Ava Addams Lifestyle


She leads a luxurious and very private life. Not much is known about her past and relationships, but she does reveal her body properly for everyone. One can join her at webcams to have fun on private sessions, and she also has her websites where exclusive videos are uploaded. Ava Addams’s lifestyle, if closely observed, is no less than a big celebrity. She gets much attention whenever she is spotted in public. She has a liking for luxurious cars and owns a series of cars as well. She has stated that she likes football very much. Her love for movies is also profoundly known. She is a big fan of French movies.

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