What To Expect When Working With An SEO Company

What To Expect When Working With An SEO Company

Investing in SEO providers comes with a lot of benefits. SEO is a specialised field and there are no simple answers to questions. If you have not worked with an external provider like a freelancer or an agency before, it is crucial to know what to expect when working with one.

SEO services provided

When working with an SEO company, it is crucial to know the types of SEO services provided. Some of the most common types of SEO services are technical SEO audits, content audits, keyword research, backlink audits, on-page optimisation, digital PR, conversion rate optimisation and analytics.

The cost of SEO

When working with an SEO company, you should expect to spend money. There is no specific answer to how much search engine optimisation costs. Each project or campaign should be based on the type of website to be optimised, business resources, and the SEO agency you are working with.

You can get monthly plans that range from a few hundred dollars to up to five figures monthly, depending on the agency’s reputation, location, the needs of the customer and the niche.

SEO campaign prices vary depending on what work you have had done before, your internal resources and how difficult your keywords are and your goals.

Should you sign an ongoing contract?

Search engine optimisation falls into two main categories – an ongoing retainer and a set project with SEO deliverables. Contracts do not have to be ongoing. Most campaigns run over months and build to success. Unless you have a specific issue with your site that you need to fix immediately, most SEO providers take between 3 and six months for the effects to be seen. Substantial results will take longer. It is common for most SEO companies to work with ongoing contracts of at least half a year.

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