Things you must consider when choosing the right slurry pump

Things you must consider when choosing the right slurry pump

Choosing the right slurry pump in Australia for your application can be a challenging task. Slurry pumps can be found in nearly all industries. They play an important role in different processes. The main aspects to look for in determining the right slurry pump for your needs are pump construction material, pump design, correct pump power sizing and slurry pump deployment.


The design of a pump is very important in making sure that the corrosive and abrasive aspects of the slurry don’t destroy the impeller. Sludge and slurry may also contain large solids that will clog other types of pumps that weren’t meant for the task.

Most centrifugal slurry pumps have an impeller that has a close tolerance to the volute. This means that the abrasive and corrosive nature of the slurry can wear the volute and damage the tolerance. This causes the pump to lose the suction capability. This leads to massive downtime with pumps along with costly spare parts and maintenance.

Construction material

Choosing the right material for your slurry pump is another important process for determining the right pump to pump your slurry. If you are pumping highly abrasive slurry then the best construction material to consider is a Hi-Chrome. This material is hard and can withstand the abrasion caused by the slurry. If the slurry isn’t abrasive but has a low pH, it is best to choose a duplex stainless-steel material. This material can withstand caustic material like acid while still maintaining a high Brinell level.

Deployment method

You should discuss the deployment method with your slurry pump suppliers before you choose a slurry pump. Determining the ideal deployment of a pump is a very important step in determining the best setup. The main deployment methods are flooded suction pumps, submersible pumps and self-priming pumps.

The pump seals

It is important to choose an ideal pump seal based on the abrasive nature of the slurry you are pumping. A slurry pump seal needs to have faces that have been hardened made from either tungsten carbide or silicon carbide.

Power sizing

It is important to determine the proper power requirement and pump size for your application. Based on the abrasive nature of the slurries, it is crucial to choose a pump size that will allow for the pump to run at a slow speed to lengthen the duration of the life of the slurry pump. 900-1200 RPM is the ideal RPM for running a slurry pump. Once you exceed this speed, the life of the slurry pump will significantly reduce because the wear points in the pump will be sandblasted.


When buying a slurry pump Australia, you should shop around to choose a supplier who gives you a fair deal. You don’t need to choose a poor-quality pump just because it is cheap. You shouldn’t also assume that the higher the price of the pump, the better the quality. While it is important to consider the price, you should also consider the other factors illustrated above.

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