Tamilrockers website – Download Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi HD movies

Tamilrockers website – Download Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi HD movies

The movie is one of the best ways to entertaining individuals during upsetting life. Most of the people watch movies for spending their free time or any holiday to refresh the mind that helps in stress in their life.Several websites that offer free to watch or download movies for viewers. Tamilrockers is one of the websites which allows users to watch or download movies by using the website. But its contents were blocked by some countries including India.

Tamilrockers– It is one of the illegal websites globally, which provides pirated latest or released Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies online for its viewers. It is also a torrent website that is hugely popular among South Indian viewers for their popular movies. This website was launched in the year 2011 and offers popular Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies are available on these illegal websites.

Now,with an increase in the web series on the Internet this website also provides to download popular movies in web series for their viewers. But the domain of this website is blocked by the Government. However, this website can be easily accessed by the users through proxy servers.

How to access Tamilrockers by users– Everyone watches and enjoy popular or newly released movies by visiting any website. If you are interested in free downloading or watching movies, then visiting the website of Tamilrockers who offers pirated content of movies for free. Due to pirated movies, this website was banned by some governments of several countries, including India so Tamilrockers changes their domain name.  If you want to access this website to watch favorite movies, then update the domain name can be entered during switching on a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  This website also offers an app for their users where the third-party uploads the latest or popular movies. The app on this website does not present in the Google Play Store and has to be downloaded in an apk format. Therefore, you will get various domain names for this website. This website is also accessed by using proxy websites.

If you are interested in downloading movies from the website of Tamilrockers then must know about the domain name of these illegal website.

Huge loss for Film Industry – Tamilrockers offers free pirated movies for a large number of viewers that causes a huge loss for the Bollywood Industry. If any blockbuster movie is released this website provides pirated content of this film for their users. Viewers get easily and watch these movies for free by visiting this website and not come to the cinema hall which is harmful to the Film Industry. There were two super-hit Bahubali -2 and Dangal which are leaked by this website and provides to their users by using pirated content. Tamilrockers offers several blockbuster films that are available on the first day of release. The majority of the viewers watch these blockbuster movies with the help of this website and causes a large amount of loss for the Bollywood Industry. Due to these pirated movies, the Bollywood industry loses $2.8 billion per year.

Tamilrockers new link 2020:

  • Tamilrockers.ws
  • Tamilrockers.mu
  • Tamilrockers.gs
  • Tamilrockers.bz
  • Tamilrockers.gd
  • Tamilrockers.cc
  • Tamilrockers.ph
  • Tamilrockers.ta
  • Tamilrockers.by
  • Tamilrockers.de

Conclusions –If you want to watch or download free blockbuster or newly released movies, then visit this website of Tamilrockers and get or enjoy movies for free. You can watch movies on this website carefully as it is banned by the Indian Government.


Piracy is against the law of government where people shouldn’t visit and download any pirated contents from there. This discussion is to create awareness about piracy and convey the message to stop piracy.


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