5 Stunning Ways To Make A Good Platter

5 Stunning Ways To Make A Good Platter

When you have friends and family staying over, the biggest concern is cooking for them. So why not put together something platter mouth-watering yet simple to make?

That’s right! A food platter can be a perfect feast for party gatherings. Do you want to host a small community? Give the platter a trendy twist and cover it with cheese, charcuterie, and other accompaniments. Or, in case you are hosting a party well, then toss together the perfect party platter.

You have come to the right place if you have been searching for ways to improve your food platter, you have come to the right place.

Choose an Attractive Platter of the Appropriate Size

Choosing the right size of a platter makes a world of difference in your food presentation, and food presentation makes a lot of difference in how someone perceives your food.

Making your food plate visually appealing enhances a dining experience significantly. Therefore, it is vital to choose a canvas that is a little smaller than the one you think you need.

This should be done with the primary intention of making the entire presentation look fuller and more luscious. Some cheese, crackers, dips, and fruits are quite a generous platter, but the use of an oversized board will make the plate look empty. 

Begin with Large Items, then Proceed to Fill the Spaces with Small Ones

The basic idea behind decorating a food platter revolves around prioritising the larger components. 

Then comes the medium-sized items such as dry fruits, crackers, etc. You can start filling these items in the gaps between the larger items. This adds a sense of balance and abundance to the plate.

Once the medium particles settle in, add the smaller bits (e.g., herbs, berries, chocolates, etc.) to cover all the remaining gaps in the platterFollow the large-to-small approach every time you prepare a platter.

Befriend Tiny Dishes 

Unless you are going for a rustic look, there isn’t a reason that justifies not adding tiny dishes to the entire mix. Once you set the platter on the table, it is time to introduce a few side dishes.

You can introduce more elements into your dish while elevating its visual appeal. Moreover, you won’t need a platter the size of a coffee table to accommodate all the food.

A little Extra Texture and Color always Make Things Better.

With cheese, crackers, certain fruits, etc., generally being the hero ingredients, the platter might start looking a little washed out and monochromatic.

Hence, adding variety via colour and texture might garner a lot of attention on your food plate. Try to include ingredients that add value to your dish in taste and aesthetic.

Mix and Match

Once you navigate your way through basics, you can start experimenting by combining opposite flavours. This is the best approach to make a beautiful platter. 

You can also try serving a healthy platter, including ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes ( 8g of protein), olives, etc. You can make the platter into whatever you want it to be, given that you have poured some thought into the flavours you wish to include.

A food platter is an excellent yet easy-to-make dish you can put together for a large crowd.

Make sure that your dish is visually appealing and approachable to create an enjoyable dining experience for your guests.

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