Must Have Features In HD Night Vision Cameras

Must Have Features In HD Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras are becoming very popular. Whether you want to install them in your home or office space, these cameras help you monitor activities at night. When choosing night vision quality cameras, here are the top features you need to consider.


If you want to install your camera in a spot that is lit both during the night and day, you can choose a colour security camera. However, for areas with no lighting or dark corridors, you should install night vision high-resolution cameras.  

A lot of colour security cameras have infrared filters that provide integrated night vision. The resolution of black and white cameras will be better than colour one for the same price. A lot of night vision high-resolution cameras use infrared light. This light is invisible to the eye but it helps the night vision equipment to capture quality equipment.

Wired or wireless

A lot of people get confused about choosing wireless or wired security cameras. You should understand a couple of things about these two types of cameras to reach a proper decision. It is recommended to choose wired HD cameras for expansive locations and spots. The camera and wires may be visible to intruders and this may let them evade their field of view.

Wireless cameras can be installed in hard-to-reach spots. There should be a clear line of sight between the transmitter and receiver. The biggest benefit of installing wireless cameras is that they are very easy to conceal.

Indoor or outdoor

When buying high-resolution night vision cameras, it is crucial to consider the spot of installation. If you want to install it outside, you should invest in a design that protects the lens against weather elements such as snow, rain, debris and hailstorm. If you want to install it indoors, you can use a different camera because there are no bad weather elements.

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