Understanding The Use Of Mobile Vehicles In The Dental Industry

Understanding The Use Of Mobile Vehicles In The Dental Industry

Mobile dentists play an important role in the nursing home dental care in California (CA). Mobile vehicles can be used to address the dental healthcare needs of different people and populations such as through nursing homes and school-based dental health programs. Oral care services can also be provided to homeless individuals who are displaced, people living in remote or rural areas, migrants and people with a low income.

A mobile dental vehicle can be a bus or a truck. The layout of the vehicle is designed to meet the needs of the dentist and dental healthcare providers. The mobile dental vehicle can be renovated from a single-deck bus.

What makes up a mobile dental vehicle?

A mobile dental vehicle consists of a generator compartment, a registration counter, a driving compartment and a waiting area. It should also have a dental surgery room because mobile dental care has evolved and now you can get an operation from a mobile dental clinic.

The mobile dental vehicle should be equipped with a generator set that provides three-phase power which can support the power needed by the dental clinic and lighting. The vehicle should have at least three water tanks.

One tank should have fresh water, a recycled water tank and a drain water tank. The freshwater tank should have clean water for clinical water. The drain water tank stores wastewater before the water is disposed of while the recycle tank circulates and generates a moving current that can provide enough vacuum environment to create a suction force for the aspirator.

The driving compartment

The driver of a mobile dental vehicle for nursing home dental care CA should be used by a trained driver who has passed driving license exams for such special vehicles. The registration counter of the clinic is behind the driving compartment.

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