Who Can Benefit From Mobile Dental Services?

Who Can Benefit From Mobile Dental Services?

Mobile dental services are mostly aimed at the more vulnerable communities. These would include people in old-aged homes, people in special care facilities, people in rural areas with limited access to health or dental care, and people with special needs. 

Mobile dental services mean that the dentist comes to the patient. A dental van is kitted out just like a dental practice, or as similar as it can be. It has all the equipment and tools and materials that a dentist needs to provide dental care, and it has all the furnishings for the patient. The lighting is good, there are mirrors, there is a dental chair and a dental stool, there are built-in cabinets for all the dental equipment, and there is electricity and running water. Dental procedures can range from and include general teeth cleaning, dental extractions, filling of dental cavities, dental implants, building dental bridges and making and fitting dentures. The patient may need one appointment and they may need a few. It’s just like going to a regular dental appointment.

Costs of mobile dental care

There are two options with a mobile dental clinic; one is a private option and one is a public option. Vulnerable people may well choose the public option, where they do not have to pay for dental care. This operates in the same way as a mobile eye clinic, one that does cataract surgery for vulnerable communities, or a mobile HIV clinic, one providing testing and preventative medication or treatment. A mobile dentist that is private usually works with nursing homes and the appointments are paid for. This way the patient gets private care. Many insurance companies will cover this so it is always a good thing to check out.

If you know someone who needs mobile dental services, there are options available.

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