What Can You Do To Maintain Your AC During The Summer?

What Can You Do To Maintain Your AC During The Summer?

It’s for a reason why Sunshine Coast is named the way it is: it’s sunny! This country region boasts the ideal climate for vacations at any time of year. However, due to global warming, more reports of heatwaves in Queensland have been reported in recent years. A heatwave is defined as a prolonged stretch of extremely hot weather. Heatwaves in Australia often vary from 37°C to 42°C. After three days of continuous all-time extreme temperatures on the Sunshine Coast, a relentless heatwave struck history once more as temperatures reached 40.8 C. On Sunshine Coast, air conditioning services ensure that the air conditioner works properly and as it must throughout its average lifespan, especially during extreme heatwaves. There are various factors to consider to help prolong the life of the ac unit.

Allow your air conditioner to take a break.

The continual use of air conditioners causes them to wear out faster. If you’re not going to be at home for a long time, you should switch off the AC. To keep the unit on but not make the air cool, set the thermostat to a minimum of five degrees. You can also raise the temperature at night. Both of these methods will help prolong the air conditioner’s life as it won’t be running continuously.

Keep your air conditioner clean regularly.

Even with the required protection, your air conditioner will need to be cleaned regularly. Simply by being outside, the external AC unit will become dirty. Cleaning your AC unit’s grime, dust, leaves, and other debris can ensure that it operates at its best. A technical breakdown is far less likely when your outside unit is clean.

Ensure that the ducts are clean.

Air ducts could be why cold air does not reach the house in some cases. The airflow into the house can be slowed if the air ducts aren’t clean. Over time, dirt and debris build up inside the air ducts, making it difficult for cold air to move through.

Standard air duct cleaning can prevent dirt and dust from slowing the airflow and enhancing the interior air quality in the house. This will cut the level of dust in your environment. Before the air conditioning unit has to be run regularly, air duct cleaning has to be done at least once a year.

Get your air conditioner tuned up regularly.

In regards to increasing the life of your air conditioner, regular tune-ups are critical. Frequent tune-ups will keep the system in top shape and assist in avoiding problems from arising in the first place. A tune-up is usually best done in the spring, just before summertime begins, and the AC is used more regularly. On Sunshine Coast, air conditioning services will examine all parts, clean them, and repair any problems. Preventative maintenance will save you money on future repairs. Frequent air conditioning tune-ups benefits are:

Reduced energy costs: Because well-maintained systems don’t have to work as hard to reach the same temperature as unmaintained systems, they use less energy and maintain a low operating expense.

Improved reliability: Routine servicing will keep the system operating at its best, even in the harshest situations, and help you avoid malfunctions. There’s a slim probability that an emergency repair may be required after the system has been cleaned, unsecured parts have been adjusted, stiff portions have been greased, and damaged parts have been replaced.

Improved durability: Regular maintenance, like oil changes in a car, will extend your comfort system’s life and help you avoid the cost of having to replace it sooner than required.

AC specialists have the knowledge and experience to repair any brand of air conditioner in your home. It is critical to contact their skilled specialists as soon as possible to improve your cooling systems’ dependability and longevity.

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