4 Ways To Help You Innovate Your Home Both Interior And Exterior

4 Ways To Help You Innovate Your Home Both Interior And Exterior

Interior decor is trending globally, especially in Australia, as more Aussies are redoing and renovating their homes. With more people spending time indoors, they want to spruce up their homes when they have the time. On average, people in Australia spend 76,000 AUD on renovating their homes, according to recent trends.

People spent more if they were renovating to sell their homes, spending around 107,000 AUD. The interior decor industry also saw a rise in profits during this time, and projections predict a continuous rise in the coming months. Decor brands are innovating their product ranges by introducing more options for people to choose from and decorate their homes.

Options like hidden storage, invisible kitchenettes, and hybrid flooring in Sydney, Perth, NSW, etc., are crowd favourites. DIY-ers and designers have a hoard of choices of interior decor and exterior decor. While most decor products follow trends, Australian home decor today creates raging trends for today’s circumstances. People opt for home decor that is budget-friendly yet unique and usually combine design themes.


Decor refers to all aesthetic elements inside and outside a home or any building. This decor includes showpieces and artefacts, but today’s innovative home decor is more functional. The latest decor trends include pieces like floating stairs or suspended beds that add an aesthetic appeal while also being a practical addition to homes.

Kitchen Windows

People tend to sacrifice windows in kitchens for more storage. A unique solution to this is see-through windows, which are long rectangular windows at half height. The windows can span the length of the counter and have just plain glass. People can get a view of the outside while letting more light inside. The windows are usually only a foot high to make more space for cabinets and shelves.

Slide-able and Rotate-able Room Dividers

A moveable room divider is not a new invention, but decor brands brought a new feature to this divider. It has wheels for people to move it across the floor and make the room larger or smaller. Additionally, this divider also has shelves and cabinets for storage. People can slide it into a hatch in the wall or position it in front of a wall. Room dividers come in aesthetic shapes and designs while also offering additional storage for homes, making them an ideal addition to small apartments.

Reading Rooms

Adding a small and cosy reading space to homes is the latest interior trend in Australia. The reading space could be as simple as a small shelf with books by a floor cushion or as extravagant as an outdoor reading deck. People can add a reading room/space to any home, from small studio apartments to large individual houses. Decorating this space with lights, cushions, and posters is also an option for DIY decorators.

Window Seats

Large windows are an aesthetic vibe that many influencers made famous on social media. These windows offer ample light for the perfect selfies and photos. Window seats are the best addition for floor windows for a relaxing experience when people sit by them. A window seat looks like an extended ledge on the inside with a cushion base. Designers and homeowners can explore other creative options depending on the size of the window and their home.

Home renovations are booming in Australia like never before, with the approved renovations crossing the 1 billion AUD mark for the first time. With various options from pool decks to hybrid flooring in Sydney to NSW, more people are renovating. The decor industry and designers cater to the expanding market by offering affordable and unique styles to spruce up any home.

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