How to choose the perfect sump pump for hire

How to choose the perfect sump pump for hire

Choosing the best sump pump Australia for hire depends on your situation and application. It isn’t a one size fits all matter. Choosing a pump carelessly will do more harm than good. You have a lot of choices and it can be very confusing finding the right one. We will make it easier for you by sharing with you a few tips on how to choose the right pump.

Pedestal pumps vs. submersible pumps

These two pumps are both great. Each of the pumps has got strengths and weaknesses. A pedestal pump lasts longer, has longer operating cycles, is generally cheaper, and the motor is usually above the sump pit. A submersible pump is fully submerged underwater, quieter, can handle solids better and is more compact.

Choose the capacity

A 1/3 HP pump is enough for most homeowners. It can do a perfect job if you have moderate flooding. You can use a ½ HP pump if you have heavy flooding. Make sure that you have a basin large enough for the pump you select. A small basin for a more powerful pump may burn the motor of your pump from turning on and off frequently.

You can look at the capacity of the pump if you already installed it. Choose the same if the pump lasted more than five years and can still clear water in less than ten minutes. Choose a larger size if this is not the case. You may try a smaller pump if your pump only needed less than fifteen seconds to clear the water. A small sump pump on rent is ideal if you have a small basin. It should be ¼ HP.

Be conscious of build quality

You want a pump that is made with the best materials and quality you can afford. This would mean the pump can stand against corrosion and wear and tear. The assembly should be sealed tightly and remain that way for years to come.


The motor housing of the pump should remain rust-free and strong to prevent water from getting in. This will help the motor to maintain a low level of temperature at all times. Corrosion and build-up are not a problem for the housing and this makes cast iron to be a perfect choice. Cast iron can transfer heat well. The motor should be of high quality and reliable.

Look for the best features

You should look for a pump that you know you will be able to count on whenever you want to use it. You should have a pump with the right features if you want to sleep soundly during stormy nights.

The pump

Choose a non-clogging impeller that allows large solids to pass through. Clogs can prevent your pump from sucking water and can damage the motor. These pumps shouldn’t handle solids but we want to know if they can handle solids in case they have to.


The switch of your sump pump Australia can be piggybacked or integrated. Piggybacked switches are where you have two cords that lead to your outlet. The plug of the switch has a port where you can insert the pump’s plug.

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