Get Into The Life Of A Spendthrift IAS Officer

Get Into The Life Of A Spendthrift IAS Officer

The life of a spendthrift IAS Officer is not easy!

People may think that the life of a spendthrift IAS officer is easy, but it’s not true. Just think he appeared for the most challenging UPSC exam and qualified for it by spending their day and night. Spendthrift corrupted them, and all the hard work gets smashed within a few seconds because of spendthrift activities.

Don’t be a spendthrift IAS Officer!

We all know the IAS life journey is exciting, and one should enjoy the ride by serving the nation in a good way. Becoming like a spendthrift IAS Officer and making your life a disaster is not worth it. It will make your beautiful journey horrible and destroy your mind and peace. So better not to get into the field of a spendthrift. Make your IAS life a better and peaceful life by serving the nation in a better way.

How to not get into the field of Spendthrift IAS Officer?

There are so many reasons that make an IAS officer a spendthrift IAS Officer. The selfish reasons make them spendthrift. The want of more in life makes them use the part of public funds for their needs, making them spendthrift. Carelessly using public funds is a crime in front of everyone, and it makes a bad image of an IAS officer. Public Funds are for the welfare of the nation and poor people. So better do not step into the field of a spendthrift instead of wasting money trying to figure out how to use the public funds for the nation’s welfare.

What is the future of Spendthrift IAS?

So there is a clear answer to this question. There is no future for a spendthrift IAS Officer. So a spendthrift can never do well for his life as well as for the public. Wasting money for bad deeds makes them corrupt and decreases their responsibility for serving the nation. So a spendthrift IAS Officer can satisfy their own needs for the time being, which means only for a limited period but cannot last long in the eye of the public and the government. So future of a spendthrift IAS Officer is dark. So better to take this spendthrift on a serious note if an IAS wants a good life for themselves.

What all struggles do one has to make to be an IAS Officer?

One has to go through a lot to be in the position of an IAS. The IAS tag is enough to achieve all the power and reputation. There is some spark to be an IAS. One has to appear for the most challenging exam and qualify for it. Then they have to do into the two years of training to get the post of an IAS officer. But spendthrift IAS Officer loses all the spark and good image in front of the public. Instead of using the power and money, spendthrift wastes it for their needs and becomes an unhealthy IAS officer. So better to be into the excellent image of an IAS who knows how to serve the country properly.

Final word

So, taking everything into account, the conclusion is that luxurious life looks just beautiful, but it is not what we think deep inside. A bad image can destroy and snatch everything from you that you have. An IAS becomes spendthrift for their needs, but at last, it creates a destructive image impact in front of prominent officers, government, and the public. They lose their faith and loyalty, which is a big thing for an IAS officer. So don’t let spendthrift ruin your life.

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