Full Form of LOVE: What is the meaning of LOVE

Full Form of LOVE: What is the meaning of LOVE

What is the full form of love? There is a meaning of love, but in full form, it’s very ambiguous. Many great men have pondered over the question of ‘What is true love?’ and have spent ages finding the answer to that question. Some people have found true love, whereas there are people who haven’t, then there are people who have found their true love, but they can’t claim it. There are different types of love, it isn’t restricted to only partner love, but it can refer to the love between friends, parent and their children, and other relations. A full form that does proper justice to the word love is:

L: Listen to each other

O: Open Your Heart

V: Value your bonds

E: Express Your Feelings Openly 

Love is a bunch of feelings and practices described by likeness, excitement, and obligation. It includes care, closeness, defence, fascination, love, and faith. Love can shift in power and can change over the long run. It is related to a scope of positive feelings, including bliss, energy, achievements of life and is governed by several types of emotions. There’s a risk that it can bring about adverse feelings like envy and stress. With regards to love, a few groups would say it is quite possibly the main human feeling. 

Listen to Each Other

Communication is one of the most important things while being in a relationship that involves love. If you don’t communicate with an individual periodically, if you don’t know what’s going on in their mind, then the bond that exists begins to deteriorate. It is very hard to mend that again, so one should be mindful enough not to let that bond weaken. Listening to each other, hearing out their problems, being mentally supportive to them forms a link that can overcome distances. No matter wherever the person is, he/she feels you as if you are always there for them. 

Open Your Heart 

Be open about everything, your thoughts, what happened to you, what do you expect. This will make things clear or say transparent to your partner. This will avoid any future complications, and it is a very important duty that needs to be done in every relationship. There are several ways to speak your heart out, and one must always be considerate about the correct time. 

Value Your Bonds

One who doesn’t value the bonds is said to be the one who only shares a bond for profits. Sometimes, it is lust that attracts these people more than love. People who truly love each other know the value of their bond, understand each other, give time to each other and are desperate to protect their bond whenever it seems to break. At the same time, people who don’t value their bonds do not care about their bond even if it starts to break away.

Express Your Feelings Openly

Feelings aren’t meant to be hidden, they are the epitome to love, and they should be properly expressed to help reduce doubts and confusion. This will also help in refining the relationship between the people involved. Openly expressing your feelings will help you overcome negative thoughts and challenges.

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