ETA Visa Australia – Frequently Asked Questions

ETA Visa Australia – Frequently Asked Questions

The ETA Subclass 601, or Electronic Travel Authority Visa, is an Australian visa that allows a holder to visit Australia for a family visit, tourism, or business deals. Now, the application has become much easier because of the online facility, and you can obtain the visa within only 24 hours. 

Automatically, the applications get saved on an online database and linked to the passport number. Therefore, you will not need to visit the Australian Embassy for the stamp. In this blog, we discuss the questions that clients frequently ask immigration experts. 

  1. Who Can Receive An Electronic Travel Authority Visa For Australia?

This visa is usually granted to a citizen of the countries that include Canada, the United States, Brunei Darussalam, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong (SAR PRC), South Korea, Singapore. 

If you hail from any European Union country, you have to apply for the eVisitor visa, similar to the Eta Subclass 601. However, a third-world country citizen will need to apply for a regular visitor visa to Australia.

  1. What Documents Do I Need For The Application?

You will only need three things for making the Visa Subclass 601 application.

  • A passport with a validity of a minimum of another six months
  • An identity card
  • A debit or credit card to make the payment

If the Immigration Department asks you for additional documents, you have to submit them.

  1. How do I apply for the visa?

Applying for this visa can be done online. You will need to follow the steps below.

  • Visit the website of the Electronic Transfer Authority.
  • Select your home country and the reason for your visit.
  • Enter your personal information and passport details.
  • Enter your trip purpose.
  • Pay the application charge.
  • Include your email address. It will act as your contact details, through which the Immigration Department will inform you about the application outcome.

If the application is approved, an email will be sent, which will include your ETA duration, visa grant number, and the starting date.

  1. How long will it take to obtain the ETA?

The application process will take only a few minutes. Whether the application gets approved within the same day, you will know about it via email. You can also check the status of your application on the same website. 

  1. What are the benefits of an ETA?

With the ETA 601 Visa, you will be able to visit Australia multiple times and stay there for up to three months on each trip. During this stay, you can do the following.

  • You can visit as a tourist. 
  • You can visit friends and family.
  • You can also visit for business purposes like training, contract negotiations, business meetings, conferences, etc. One point is that you cannot work in a paid job position for an Australian employer or sell services and products.
  • You can also attend a short-term study course. By short-term, we mean not more than three months. 
  1. How much does the application cost?

Your application will not be complete without the application fee payment. You will need to pay only a meagre amount of AUD 20, which can be made using a debit or credit card.

  1. How long can I stay in Australia with this visa?

The validity of the visa is one year, during which you can enter the country unlimited times and stay for a maximum of three months on each trip.

  1. Can I extend the ETA?

Technically, you cannot extend your current ETA visa. Suppose you intend to lengthen your stay in Australia without going out of the country. 

In that case, you will need to visit the nearest Immigration Office and request a re-application for another ETA Visa. It should be done a minimum of two weeks before the current visa expires.

  1. Who issues an ETA?

The government body that takes the responsibility of assessing and making the visa decision is the Australian Department of Home Affairs or the Immigration Department. 

  1. What If My Application Requires Further Processing?

Suppose your application is sent for further processing. In that case, you will get notified by email, and you will need to fill out the ‘Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Request for further processing form’ and upload relevant documents. Sometimes, while assessing the application, the Immigration Department may ask you for additional documents or information before issuing the ETA. These documents will include the following.

  • A copy of the personal information pages of your passport
  • Copies of both back and front of your national identity card
  • Confirmation document that you are visiting Australia for a temporary visit purpose 
  • Reasons behind your plan to visit Australia
  • Evidence of your intended planned activities and stay like booked flight or accommodation reservations.
  • List of your travel companions, which should include information like their names and their relation to you
  • List of your immediate family members like parents, siblings, spouse or partner, and children
  • List of your friends or family members who are residing in Australia, with information like names, residential status, and dates of birth
  • Bank account statements over the past three months
  • Evidence of employment in your home country
  1. What If My Application Is Rejected?

If your 601 Visa application is rejected, you should immediately contact the nearest Australian Consulate or Embassy to know your available options. If rejection happens, the Department of Home Affairs will inform you about the reasons behind it. 

  1. What If I Made An Error During The Application?

One suggestion all visa experts give is that everyone should review the answers before moving to the next section. Don’t worry, you can correct it. However, if you realize that you have made a mistake and not updated it after completing the application, you will have no other option but to apply again, which will cost you another AUD 20.

  1. How to show that I have my ETA?

Once you set foot in Australia, you should show your passport to the immigration officials. Remember that your ETA has already been saved on the online database, which the officials can check using your passport number

  • However, we always recommend saving a copy of the confirmation email and keeping a printed copy when travelling. A paper copy will always be helpful. For the details and conditions of your Electronic Travel Authority, you should use the online VEVO service. 
  • A professional and experienced immigration consultant from Perth can help you to make the application successful. 
  1. Will an ETA stamp be issued on my passport?

This visa is electronic, and therefore, no stamp is issued on the holder’s passport. That is why you should always be careful about entering the correct details about the passport. Any single mistake will ruin your entry to Australia.

  1. Can I get a refund against the cancellation of my ETA?

First of all, you cannot cancel your visa application after submitting it. Naturally, there will be no chance to request a refund. In a word, the payment is non-refundable, regardless of your visa application outcome.


ETA visa application is relatively more manageable as you can do the complete process online. Another benefit of this visa is that you will get to know the outcome within just one day. Still, if you want to consult a Migration Agent Perth, you should contact the top-rated migration firms.

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