Use Effective Techniques To Improve English Handwriting

Use Effective Techniques To Improve English Handwriting

Even in this digital world, students are writing by hand for 60% of their time. However, writing with hands has its benefits. You can fully articulate your knowledge, process information to the fullest, and make connections while writing with your hands. Unfortunately, some people do have poor handwriting. If you are one of them, this article is for you. There are several things you must know while learning how you can improve your English handwriting.

In addition to this, while practicing English handwriting you must not neglect your online classes for the language. However, if you still come across situations where you are unable to take your class and wondering who will take my online English class for me, then you must know about the experts. YES! There are several websites online that can provide you with experts who will take your classes on your behalf without putting your internet safety and IP address safety at stake. Now, let us read about how you can actively improve your English handwriting.

Assess Your Present Handwriting

Ensure you know your current level of autography before you begin to improve your English handwriting. Write a sentence-long paragraph from a book and read it. This will provide you with a basic sense of knowledge about your handwriting. After this, circle the shapes you want to change. For example, decide what kind of handwriting you want, words with corners, straight lines, or loops. Furthermore, take a look at the slant of your handwriting and know if you want to change it. Make a list of things you want to change about your handwriting such as slant, angle, corners, shapes, spaces between words, etc. 

Look at Calligraphy and Handwriting Styles 

Make sure you are taking handwriting inspiration from people with different fonds and writing styles. Moreover, examines modern forms of handwriting. For example, cursive. It is ideal for terms that are long as you do not have to lift the pen after every word. Furthermore, calligraphy can inspire you to adopt a writing style of your own with which you can compose pleasing letters. In addition to this, you can join online writing classes for English where you can learn to make your writing better. However, in case of complexity and thoughts like who will take my online class for me, you can always seek expert assistance for better guidance.

Use High-quality Pen

No writing instrument makes handwriting bad and there isn’t a specific pen that will work wonders for you. So, the mantra is, to get a pen with an easy grip that you can manipulate with your fingertips. You can either use a ballpoint pen with a rounded tip or fountain pen or rollerball pen, or a gel pen.

Select a Good Paper 

The quality of paper plays a significant role in good handwriting. To avoid issues of misalignment and slant, you can use lined papers. Moreover, choose a paper think enough that your pen would not pierce through it. Furthermore, to avoid any neatness-related issues, keep a second paper underneath the paper you are practicing your handwriting on. Also, make sure you are seeking righteous assistance from experts whenever you are juggling with thoughts like who will take my online English class for me. Experts will provide you with additional support and will help you understand the process of writing through and through.

Choose a Stable Surface to Write

Improve your desk first if you want to improve your handwriting. It should stay sturdy. Moreover, there should be enough space for you to move your arms and hands freely. Furthermore, hold your paper down in a corner with another hand. It will give stability to the process of writing.  

Better Posture for Better Handwriting 

You must learn to hold your writing instruments properly if you want to improve your handwriting. Moreover, you can begin this with a good sitting posture. Make sure your back is straight with your feet flat on the ground. Keep your legs uncrossed. You can keep your other hand on the desk or down by your side.

Grip Your Writing Instruments Rightly

There is no formula for a writing grasp that you can follow to achieve good handwriting. However, you can follow a dynamic tripod grasp where you grip the barrel of your pen with your forefinger and thumb and support the pen with your middle finger. Moreover, stabilize your paper with your fourth and fifth fingers. However, if this does not work for you, use the lateral tripod method. In this method, cross the pen’s barrel with your thumb and pin it against your forefinger. You can also use dynamic quadruped grasp if your fine motor skills are weak and you need additional support to hold your pen. In addition to this, if you have thoughts like how can someone take my online class for me then you must know there are websites where you can find an expert to support your online classes.

Practice Basic Shapes 

You can practice good handwriting by making shapes like circles, waves, semi-circles, and loops. In addition to this, you can trace basic shapes and lines. While making shapes, take a close look at the individual strokes and figures you make. In addition to this, you can be a little creative with doodles. Move your hand in every direction so that you can stretch every single tissue in your hand. In this way, you can practice making distinct shapes with regular practice.

Additionally, there are a few other things you take into consideration while working on making your handwriting better such as you must write different texts and always challenge yourself with a new project of writing.


These are some of the ways in which you can make your English handwriting better. Moreover, do not forget to take handwritten notes so that you keep on practicing. We hope this guide helps you in making your handwriting better.

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