Factors To Consider When Installing A New Basin

Factors To Consider When Installing A New Basin

The right type of basin in your bathroom can instantly give a five-star vibe to the bathroom interiors. The new basin is the focal point of the bathroom and the most prominent fixture. It is definitely a purchase that must be given much consideration.

The basin is also one of the most regularly used pieces in the bathroom. Hence, you must invest in an item that is durable and long-lasting. You can find a wide variety of vanity basins online and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Stick through to the end of this comprehensive buying guide to know critical aspects to look for before installing a basin.

  • The size of your bathroom 

Basins come in various sizes and styles, so bear in mind to choose one that fits your needs.

Most bathrooms in modern homes have limited space. For this reason, wall hung basins and corner basins are recommended solutions.

For family bathrooms, pedestal basins are the quintessential choice.

Remember that the basin you choose must not be bulky, occupy too much space, or cause excessive spillage that might create a mess on the bathroom floor.

  • Basin dimensions

For optimum convenience, the basin’s height must be parallel to the height of your waist. 

A comfortable height also creates room to install a vanity unit under the basin and a mirror above it, making everything easier to access.

  • Mounting options

The style of the basin will determine the way it should be installed. For example, corner basins must be fitted in a bathroom corner, whereas countertop basins can be mounted on a worktop or vanity unit. 

Besides the options for mounting, it is also crucial to know the style of basin waste. The basin waste is not packaged with a standalone basin though this may vary depending on where you purchased your basin products.

To find this information check the product specifications of the basin you are considering or make an inquiry with the store’s customer service. 

  • Basin taps

Once you have selected a basin style, you will need to factor in the number of basin taps. The tap holes are drilled into the basin during production. It will determine the type of taps you can choose.

A majority of basin sinks sold in the market have one tap hole.

The reason is most taps are mixer taps. These taps combine hot and cold water to make it easier to find the best temperature. A single mixer tap also creates a modern vibe to keep in trend with contemporary designs.

But if you prefer a traditional style, you may want to consider a basin with two tap holes. You can find vanity basins online in both single tap hole and double tap hole varieties. 

Frequently asked questions about basins

  • What is the ideal height for a bathroom basin?

The recommended height of a bathroom basin is about 33 inches. But this varies depending on the specific needs of the user. If you are taller, a higher basin is recommended to prevent back strain. There are also basins designed for particular users, such as entire families and kids. For convenience, it is best to have the basin at the height of your waist.

  • Is it possible to paint a bathroom basin? 

Although it is possible to paint a bathroom basin, you must first check the basin’s material. It is easier to paint porcelain and ceramic since it can be primed with a bonding agent before applying paint. Acrylic paints are recommended for such bathroom sinks. But since bathroom basins come in nearly every colour, it is best to simply purchase one in the colour of your choice.

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