Company Registration in Ajman Free Zone

Company Registration in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) is an autonomous establishment in the UAE and empowers new-age investors and entrepreneurs to carry out various business activities. Ever since its legalization in 1988, the land has facilitated the successful formation of numerous cost-effective companies in the country.

The reason behind the free zone’s supreme popularity is its exposure to the foreign markets, eastern and western. Furthermore, this advantage doesn’t undermine AFZ’s importance in the local markets. It has convenient access to the major airports and dockyards in the Emirates. Therefore, trading companies and business entities that involve frequent import-export operations don’t look anywhere beyond Ajman.

Benefits of Forming an Ajman Free Zone Company

Several factors distinguish AFZ from any other region in the UAE. It’s the mecca for business aspirants, and here of some of the key benefits the land offers:

1. Cutting-Edge Technology and Digitization

Technology is evolving at unprecedented speeds, and industry leaders are taking advantage of this opportunity. Be it artificial intelligence (AI) or smart automation; you get it all in Ajman Free Zone. Your company set up would have a modernized look, and you’ll get the necessary tech assistance at affordable rates in this free zone.

2. Customizable Business Establishment

You can register a legal entity in the Ajman Free Zone as per your business model. The rules are flexible and facilitate the incorporation of many unique businesses. You can enjoy 100% foreign ownership, form an LLC with a reliable local sponsor, etc. Ajman’s jurisdiction issues all legal business licenses. Therefore, if your business model is legitimate, you’ll acquire its official license in no time.

3. Exceptionally Cost-Efficient

Company owners can enjoy 100% profit repatriation, and they don’t have to worry about any undisclosed fees or hidden charges. The registration process is transparent, and you get several add-on benefits. You get a complete exemption from import and export duties alongside the availability of cheap energy at all times. Handling charges are nominal, and labor costs also fit within your budget.

4. Convenient Transport Facilities

Road transport and interconnectivity are excellent throughout the UAE. With the Ajman Free Zone, you get the added benefit of easy accessibility to the airports and harbor. The proximity to these facilities helps in seamless import-export activities, and such businesses flourish rapidly in the region. When you combine this with round-the-clock security assurance, it becomes a dream destination for any business aspirant.

5. Advantageous Visa Options

AFZ offers multifaceted visa options to company owners and entrepreneurs. There are numerous packages to choose from, and each one has a specially designed, feasible visa option. The smart office package has a visa allowance of up to three, while the executive office package grants five legal visas. Therefore, securing an Ajman Free Zone visa becomes cost-effective and straightforward.

How to Register a Company in the Ajman Free Zone?

1. Outline the List of Business Activities

Pick from the list of permissible business activities maintained and monitored by AFZA. All the mainstream operations like trading, hospitality, retail, etc., are welcomed. The list of selected activities, are then mentioned in your license application and forwarded to the concerned department. In case your business model and description don’t align with the requested business activities, you might have to reconsider your application. To avoid such issues, consult with experienced legal advisors in Dubai.

2. Reserving a Trade Name

While deciding the trade name for your dream business, ensure that you don’t pick misleading, offensive, or insulting names in any sense. Avoid selecting controversial terms and choose a name that defines your core values or your brand’s personality. If a person’s name inspires the company’s name, use the full name as nicknames, and usage of only the initials or surname isn’t permitted.

3. File an Application Depending on Your Business Type

Since various business types find a home in the Ajman Free Zone, the paperwork varies from one business type to another. Different documents are needed for varying company structures, i.e., branch company, free zone entity, free zone company, etc. Typically, you’ll need to submit copies of your passport, photograph, NOC, MoA, certificate of incorporation, and other documents

4. Apply for Visa

List down the number of visas you need for your stay in the UAE. Some people prefer to stay with their families that include their close ones, parents, etc., while many require visas of their staff members only. You’ll get a few visas on your license package. However, more visas can be procured depending on your business size, and the concerned council will grant the visas as per the regulations.

5. Open a Corporate Bank Account

Once you have the desired Ajman Free Zone license, it’s time to open a corporate bank account. There are many banks, and you need to choose the best one, be it local or international, depending on your financial structure and business needs. This step marks the successful registration of your company in AFZ.

What Documents are Required for Company Registration?

You need to submit different documents and certifications based on your company’s legal structure. Branch offices, FZE, FZC, etc., all have a few common and a few unique paperwork requirements that include:

  • Trade name reservation document
  • Colored photographs of the applicant
  • NOC from the sponsor
  • Registration certificate and contract of association
  • Passport copies of all business partners
  • Business plan and personal information sheet
  • Lease agreement document
  • Additional approvals depending on your business type and company structure

Shuraa – Your Business Companion

Your decision to establish a company in the Ajman Free Zone can pay rich dividends if you undertake the correct practices. At Shuraa Business Setup, that’s precisely what we provide. There are many other regions alongside Ajman where your business can prosper, and we guide you through them. The first step you need to take is to consult with us. From there, we’ll handle the rest at friendly costs.


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