Common Mistakes That Cause High Electric Bills

Common Mistakes That Cause High Electric Bills

Have you researched how to lower electric bill and tried numerous ways but nothing seems to be working? Maybe the high bills are caused by what you are not doing or some common mistakes. Avoid the following mistakes to improve the efficiency of your appliances and lower your electric bills.

Not cleaning the filters of your HVAC system

Forgetting to clean your HVAC filters is one major mistake behind high electricity bills. This is a very common mistake that homeowners make. The system has to work harder when your filters are clogged. This drives up your bill as your system consumes more power for to achieve the same results. You can reduce your energy bill by cleaning your filters every two weeks.

Being careless with your AC

You cannot lower electric bill if you are careless with your air conditioner. You may get an unpleasant surprise from your energy bills if you leave your air conditioner cranked to the highest level every day.

Not adjusting your water heater

Water heaters use a lot of energy. You will lower how much energy your water heater needs if it is at a lower temperature. You can also lower the temperature of individual appliances and set them to meet your needs. You should consider switching to a tankless heater if you find your heater using up excess energy.

Not doing an energy audit

We all have different homes and this is why one of the best ways you can optimize your space is by having a professional audit your energy levels. It is hard to tackle a problem without knowing the root cause of the problem. Doing an audit will identify the problems that are driving up the energy bill every month, allowing you to fix the issue more permanently. An audit is a useful tip on how to lower electric bill.

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