Top Benefits Of Buying A Used Superbike!!!

Top Benefits Of Buying A Used Superbike!!!

India is developing as one of the world’s largest two-wheeler markets. Whether it is a regular bike or a sports bike, enthusiasts are indulging themselves and are willing to buy their dream bike at whatever cost it takes. But is it worth it? have you ever given a thought about buying a used bike? There are many advantages of buying a used bike that you should consider before making the final decision. Superbike don’t come cheap and if you spend some time, you are likely to get a good deal. Many dealers sell used superbikes in Delhi.

Superbikes and their owners are increasing in numbers by the day. The growing economy and the paying capacity of consumers play a very important role in the popularity of sports bikes which don’t come cheap. Moreover, loans are easily available nowadays that makes it easier to buy the bike of your dreams. Moreover, people look up to these bikes and their owners in awe which more than makes up for spending a hefty amount.

Buying a used bike can be of great advantage. Apart from saving your hard-earned money, there are other advantages as well. Let us look at the benefits of buying used superbikes:

  • Price Factor – Used superbikes are a lot more affordable than the new counterparts, the difference can be up to 50% of the cost of the bike. Superbike can be pretty expensive and one of the major benefits of purchasing a used bike is that you can get the bike of your choice at a much lesser price than a brand new one. The value of any two-wheeler depreciates as soon as it comes out of the showroom. If you spend some time and effort in searching for a well-used superbike, you can find one in reasonably good condition at a very less price. You may also try other strategies such as purchasing a used bike from financial institutions that are not very interested in looking for people who offer a higher price. They simply want to sell the bike at a reasonable price and you may benefit by getting a good deal.
  • Less Insurance amount – The insurance cost of a used bike is much lower than a new one. A bike’s insurance premium is decided based on the two-wheeler’s market value. Needless to say, you end up paying much less than the amount needed for a new bike. 
  • No added expenditure – There are no extra costs that you need to bear if you opt for a used superbike. All the overhead expenses such as registration cost, road tax, and other RTO charges have already been paid by the first owner. Based on the current valuation of the bike, you just have to come to a mutual agreement regarding the amount to be paid towards these costs.
  • Value for money – a motorcycle generally loses about 50% of its value within the first five years of its purchase. The rate of depreciation slows down considerably after this period. Because an average owner sells his bike after five to six years of purchase, if you buy any such bike, you can get back the same valuation if you decide to sell it after some time.
  • Additional accessories – Most premium bike owners tend to spend a lot of money on buying the choicest accessories for their bikes. These may include a good ECS kit, a better exhaust, Auxillary lights, tank pads, and panniers, etc. Most of these accessories are specific to the brand and are of no use to the seller who usually sells the bike with all the accessories intact. So, along with the bike, you benefit by getting these extra goodies at no extra cost.
  • Customize your bike – Buying a used superbike allows you to customize your bike as you want. You can get a specific paint job done or rebuild and restore the dream machine according to your needs.
  • Use the extra cash in buying upgrades and goodies – The money that you save by going for a used bike can be used in buying riding gear and safety gear such as jackets, helmets, gloves, boots, and pants, etc.
  • Save on repair costs – You may mark up the bike in some way when you are riding it in the initial days. Getting used to the bike takes some time and if you goof up somewhere the repair costs on a new bike are much more as compared to the repair of a used one. The superficial damage to your bike may not affect the bike’s performance but can prove heavy on your pocket.
  • Easy Trade-up – You can try out different types of used bikes to find out what rides fit you better. If you purchase a used bike, only to realize that you don’t find it much useful and would like to change it for another style or model, doing so with a used bike is much easier than a new one.

Wrapping up

Everyone will agree that the main benefit of buying a second-hand sports bike in Delhi is the cash savings. First of all, decide your budget because a huge variety of used bikes are available in the market and you need to narrow down your search to make your work easier. Consider the cost of maintenance, tune-up, fuel, and the cost of repairing and replacing different parts. Next, select the style and model you have been dreaming about and which can be available in your budget. Another factor that you need to consider is the weight of the bike. Although riders prefer lighter bikes that have a powerful engine and are easier to ride, experienced riders may still want a heavy machine. The difference in the cost of a used bike and a brand new one can be exorbitant. A bike of the same model, but manufactured earlier will cost much lesser. So, before you buy a used bike, decide on these specifics to make your work easier.

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