Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Live Performance

Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Live Performance

Throughout your music career, you will feel the thrill of choral concerts near me gone perfect, when each note is played as intended. However, you will also experience the opposite. There will be live concerts where you will make small mistakes and there will be concerts where you will make big mistakes. Here are some common mistakes you should always avoid.

Being unprepared

The first line of defence is to prepare appropriately. You are less likely to make mistakes if you are more prepared. You should practice your piece over time. Unfortunately, waiting until it is too late to prepare is ineffective because the process needed for the muscles and brain to work together and form muscle memory around a piece will take a lot of repetition and time.

The more you practice and make your musical piece a part of your body, the less likely you are to make mistakes.

Getting nervous

Even the most established artists experienced stage fright during their first choral concerts. The more anxious and nervous you feel, the more likely you are to make mistakes. Nerves will cause your hands to shake and make you breathe faster. It floods your brain with flight or fright hormones that reduce your ability to think logically. This means that the more you can handle your fright, the more in control you will be of your live performance.

Dismissing the dress code

The dress code is part of your performance. Unless you are a soloist and have been asked to dress differently from the rest of the performers, your job is to do all you can to support the entire mission. This includes being respectfully dressed and following the dress code set by the conductor of your choral concerts costa mesa. It is disrespectful to your conductor and fellow musicians to do otherwise.

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