Ashton Meem Net Worth, Ashton Meem Bio, Age, height

Ashton Meem Net Worth, Ashton Meem Bio, Age, height

Ashton Meem is an American businesswoman known for being Russel Wilson’s former wife. Her husband Super Bowl Champion and the Seattle Seahawk Leader. Her former husband is the NFL’s highest paying player, but this marriage did not last long.


Ashton Meem was born in Richmond, Virginia, on September 6, 1987. Now her age is 32, and Her American parents, Lang Meem and Molly, From Virginia. She spent her early life in Virginia at St. Catherine’s High School, where she received her primary education.

After graduating from St. Catherine, she joined the University of Georgia; a long-distance relationship was maintained by them while in college. After spending three years at the University of Georgia, Moved to North Carolina State University, where she graduated with a BA in communication in 2010. She had internships with many companies.


Ashton Meem is famously known from two points of view: her exceptional entrepreneurial and consulting capacity, as well as her boyfriend and ex-husband. She entered the University of Georgia. She transferred to North Carolina State University, where she graduated in Communication with a Bachelor’s Degree. Meem began her career as an intern in media marketing with respected American media companies and later graduated to the highest professional level of consultancy.

Marriage Proposal 

In 2011, Wilson publicly proposed to Meem in an elaborate private engagement ceremony, he planned beforehand with the entire Umstead Hotel and Spa staff in North Carolina. Reportedly, Wilson presented an 8-carat diamond ring to Meem. Meem and Wilson got married on January 14, 2012, the same year Wilson signed on to play with the Seattle Seahawks.

Ashton Meem Wedding 

Ashton was an event planner in addition to her media work, a role that she loved to the point of contemplating opening her own boutique wedding planning company. Ensuring that every aspect was within her tastes and desires, she arranged their wedding in spectacular precision. On their wedding day, Russel wore an expensive luxury dress, while Ashton picked a trendy J. Bridal’s NYC crew gown. Nearly 300 guests and nine brothers and bridesmaids were present at the reception, dressed for the occasion.


Following their divorce, however, Russell Wilson married his second wife, Ciara, and currently has three children with her, a newborn. If she is dating anyone now, it has not been confirmed, but it seems that she is a single life living. After a divorce from her former husband, Russell Wilson, she led a low profile life and shied away from the media.

Has Ashton Meem had any children?

No, Ashton Meem and former husband Russell Wilson had no kids.

Ashton Net Worth 

Ashton Meem, employed by the American Family Insurance Corporation to work as a Promotional Operations Assistant at the American Family Insurance Firm, also has a gross net worth of around $4 million.


Ashton Meem is currently leading a single life at the American Family Insurance Firm as an Advertisement Operations Assistant. She has cut all of her Hollywood connections, and she’s living everyday normal life.


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