Arithmetic vs Mathematics- How They Are Different

Arithmetic vs Mathematics- How They Are Different

Some people believe that arithmetic and mathematics are similar terms and their functions are similar. But this is not true, actually they are different from each other.

The main difference between arithmetic and mathematics is that arithmetic is the branch of mathematics that deals with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and division operations. 

Whereas Mathematics is a general field that includes various areas of study such as trigonometry, calculus, arithmetic, geometry, and others.

Do you want to know more differences between Arithmetic vs Mathematics?

Don’t worry about that, if you want. Because in this blog, we will discuss the differences between arithmetic and mathematics. We will also cover the history and definition of arithmetic and mathematics one by one.

What is Arithmetic?

Arithmetic is a part of mathematics that we use in our daily life to perform various functions such as adding and subtracting the numbers, division and multiplying the numbers, etc. Let’s understand the arithmetic operations with the help of examples.


In Addition, we simply add two or more than two numbers. When we add the given numbers, the answer we will get is also a number. 

Suppose three friends decide to order three burgers but four more friends join them at the same time, now they ordered 4 more burgers, now they ordered 7 burgers in total.

3+4= 7

Now you can see when we added the numbers, the answer we get is a number. So this is the way we add numbers.


When we minus the two or more numbers and get the result after Subtraction is referring to Subtraction. Let’s discuss some interesting facts regarding Subtraction.

When we subtract two even numbers or two odd numbers, we get an even number.

6-4 =2

10-2 = 8

7-3 = 4

15-5 = 20

But when we minus an odd number from an even number, the answer we always get will be an odd number.


Multiplication is having the product of two or more numbers. 

What is the product of 5 pencils and 4 pencils?

When we have any question like this, we need to multiply the terms we have given.

5*4 =20

In Multiplication, when we multiply two even numbers, we get an even result.

like 2*4 =8

6*8 =48

When we multiply two odd numbers, we get an odd number as a result.

7*5 = 35

9*7 =63

But when we multiply an odd number with an even number, the result is always an even number.

5*4 =20

7*2 = 14


The division is another operation that differentiates arithmetic vs mathematics.

In division, we divide the two terms and get the third term as a result.

Suppose ten friends have hundred rupees and they want to distribute these hundred rupees between 10 parts, here division operation will be applicable.

100/10 = 10

All ten friends will get 10 rupees each.

So these are the operations we commonly use to solve arithmetic problems. Arithmetic’s is divided into various chapters such as ratio and proportion, number system(LCM,HCF), loss and profit, time-speed-distance, boat and stream, age related questions, simple interest and compound interest and many more. In all these problems we use arithmetic operations.

What is mathematics?

Mathematics is a regular subject or study area which we study in our schools and colleges. But as mathematics is an extensive area to cover due to different vast branches, it is almost impossible to get expertise in math.

 People prefer to master in some specific branches of maths, such as some are interested in studying trigonometry, some are in geometry, others are in arithmetic, etc. We focus on the different problems and ways to tackle them with different formulas and approaches in different mathematical branches.

Let’s have a look at some math branches and problems with their solutions that make arithmetic vs mathematics different.


In geometry, we study different shapes such as triangles, rectangles, circles, prisms, etc. Different shape measurements are based on different formula sets. There are different formulas for area, volume, height, diagonal, angles, and the perimeter of the shapes.

Calculate the area of the Equilateral Triangle if the height is 4 cm and base is 3 cm.

Now we know that an Equilateral has three equal sides, so the length of all sides is 3 cm.

hence you need to apply the formula of area of equilateral triangle that is

Area = 1/2 base* height

Area= 1/2 * 4 *3

Area = 6cm^2

so, we can solve different problems regarding shapes with the help of different formulas.


Trigonometry deals with the conceptual problems sinθ , cosθ and their values at different angles such as cos90 is equal to 0 and sin90 is 1.

 Trigonometry is very vast and takes a lot of time to be perfect. Here we need to understand and learn a long list of formulas. 

We also use different theorems such as heroin formula, Pythagoras theorem in the trigonometric functions to calculate perpendicular, hypotenuse, and base.


or (H)^2 = (P)^2 + (B)^2

Other difference between arithmetic vs mathematics

  • Arithmetic is a part of mathematics that is used for the problems that are specific to expansion, subtraction, multiplication and division. However mathematics focuses on numbers, logics, theorems and others.
  • Where we use numbers for calculations in arithmetic, mathematics deals with the study of calculations of the quantities with their properties.


In this blog we have discussed the difference between arithmetic vs mathematics with examples. I hope now you are able to differentiate arithmetic and mathematics and how they focus on different problems.

Arithmetic and mathematics were considered the same originally but with the new inventions and discoveries of formulas and concepts now they are different.

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