Anthony Curcio Net worth , Wiki Bio, Age, Height

Anthony Curcio Net worth , Wiki Bio, Age, Height

Anthony J. Curcio, an American writer, is a public speaker who is accused of fraud. In 2008, he was liable in the history of America for intricately orchestrated armored car robberies. He was convicted and penalized for six years in federal jail. He devoted his life to reducing substance addiction and violence after getting out of jail.

Early Time Infancy 

He was born on September 1, 1980, in Monroe, Washington, United States, USA. While attending high school in Monroe, He was famous and talented as a youth and was elected captain of both the football and basketball teams at Monroe High School. Curcio broke several football records and won many awards and distinctions for his role in both sports. On a partial scholarship to play basketball and soccer. After high school, Anthony went to the University of Idaho. But a sports injury in college ended his promising college football career. He became addicted to opiates as well.

The Bank Robbery

Anthony observed the armored vehicle as it generated deliveries to a Bank of America subsidiary in Monroe for about three months. Curcio placed a fake ad on Craigslist for 15 workers some days before the robbery, offering $28.50 an hour to staff eager to work for the Beautification Project of Clean Monroe. The Craigslist ad also told the employees to wear a shirt with long sleeves, a yellow protective belt, a fan mask, and safety glasses. People responding to the Craigslist ad get emailed instructions asking them to meet at 11 a.m. at the Bank of America parking lot. September 30, 2008.

Prison Penitentiary

He was arrested on November 4, 2008. Antony was later convicted and sentenced to six years in federal prison. American District Judge James L. Robert described his crime as sentencing, similar to the crimes seen in films by the FBI, the Thomas Crown Affair. Judge James Robert said he was also angry that Anthony reduced guards’ risk of being shot and attacked by an armored vehicle guard. As such, he added a year to the five-year sentence recommended by prosecutors.


On April 4, 2013, Curcio was released and returned to the Seattle area, rejoining his wife and two daughters. Since then, he has engaged with young people and giving workshops on preventing substance addiction and the value of making good choices. He lectures in the U.S. to middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

Books Released

Curcio published his autobiography on June 21, 2013, entitled “Heist and High.”


Anthony Curcio married his high school classmate, Emily Curcio. The couple has two daughters.

Anthony Curcio – Net Worth

Curcio earned most of his assets from his real estate company, selling his children’s books, and serving as a public speaker. Accordingly, Curico is not involved in any illegal business. He has become a well-known writer and public speaker, giving many youth’s speeches and speeches to discourage them from crime and substance abuse. He has a net estimated value of $ 10 million as of November 2020 legally. His primary income source is the wealth he produces from his real estate business, selling his children’s books, and working as a public speaker.

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