6 Habit That Could Destroy Your Spine Cord

6 Habit That Could Destroy Your Spine Cord

Beware! You might be unaware of the habits that are damaging your spine cord.

Spine Cord -health is crucial to our overall well-being for being the major structural framework of our body. Our spine health is crucial for our overall mobility as well as ensure the psychological health of a person.

Spine damage- who is the culprit?

We all have seen people suffering from back pain and every one of them has a different cause for the pain. For some people, the reason could be genetic and for others, it could be an accidental injury. But do you know there are many others who are suffering due to themselves?

Yes, you hear me right. There are many people who are damaging their spine due to their own habits. A few weeks ago, I was listening to a renowned physiotherapist in Islamabad who was talking about spine health and it all was quite shocking for me.

Spine Cord damaging habits

If you are also wondering what these habits are, read on further. Some of the habits that could be damaging for your spine include;

1- Extended sitting time period

Sitting for long periods can be damaging to your spine. This is particularly important for the people who have to work consecutively for hours in front of computers. These uninterrupted sitting patterns can put a burden on your spine and squish vertebrae discs. This results in the hardening of collagen around your tendons and ligaments that could be damaging for your spine.

2- You are overweight

Your excessive body weight can also be a cause of damage to the spine cord. The excess body weight can pull your pelvis forwards and can add strain to your back. Carrying weight for the years can permanently tilt your spine resulting in natural curvature. Excess weight can result in degenerative disc diseases and can weaken the spinal vertebrae. Moreover, being overweight can also reduce the mineral density of bone.

3- Your stress levels are uncontrolled

Another factor that can be damaging your spine is your poor relaxing habits. If you don’t know how to relax properly it can be damaging for your bones too. Stress can damage your spine and can negatively impact your immune system resulting in back pain. Other than this, uncontrolled stress can also make you restless, negatively affecting your sleep quality and damaging the spine.

4- Poor posture is the culprit

Proper body posture is necessary to keep your spine healthy and protect it from injuries. However, if you are not maintaining a good posture while sitting, standing, bending, lifting or even sleeping, your spine has to pay for it. All these poor postures can affect the curvature of your spine as well as can reduce your bone strength. Whenever you are suffering from a back pain problem, make sure you work on your posture first.

5- Carrying too much or carrying improperly

You lift too much weight, from your kitchen to the gym. Well, you might be willing to lift it all but do you know it can damage your spine? Lifting too much weight and lifting it improperly can result in putting your spine under pressure.

Once my brother lifted the kitchen sink while some construction work was going on. He tried to lift it once and resulted in a herniated disc. We took him to one of the best healthcare facilities named Sara hospital where he was treated and it took him months to recover.

6- Your fashion choices matter!

Well, your fashion choices do matter not only when it comes to how you appear but also when we talk about spine health. Wearing high heels throughout the act can make your calves and spine tensed resulting in a poor posture that can be damaging for your spine. It doesn’t mean that all high heels are bad, here we are only talking about the heels that are not balanced and increase the risk of falling injuries.

Bottom Line!

All these habits can damage your spine and can interfere with your ability to perform routine activities. Other than these should monitor your dietary habits as well as your lifestyle choices for a healthy spine. Moreover, sleeping positions and mattress can also affect your spine health. If you want to enjoy a healthy spine, make sure you avoid all these spine damaging habits.

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