4 Cool Gadgets That Are Perfect For Tech Lovers

4 Cool Gadgets That Are Perfect For Tech Lovers

There is a sense of excitement every time you unpack a tech gadget. It could be a smartwatch, wireless headphones, or a new gaming controller even – it’s really the joy felt by a true tech lover that only they understand. Nonetheless, technology is always something exciting. There’s a reason people Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point rush to buy the new iPhones each year to upgrade from the older models.

While we can’t put to words the real feel experienced by tech lovers, we can surely suggest four cool gadgets that will instantly light up their faces. These gadgets would be the perfect gift to give to your techy friends and family.

  1. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point

Every tech lover would need stable and reliable Wi-Fi or data in order for their devices to work. Most smart devices let’s say, require a connection to Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth – so here’s the perfect gift for them.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point is the ideal internet router for your home, with the addition of a few more benefits. So here’s what you need to know about this sweet duo from Google. The nest Wi-Fi router and point together can connect up to 200 devices and cover a total area of 3800 square feet.  These devices basically blanket the entire premises, covering each corner with strong and full internet connectivity. It’s perfect for supporting your other smart devices around the house – anything from smart refrigerators and smart lights to iPads and smartwatches.

So what is the additional benefit other than these crazy features? The Nest Point is inherently a smart speaker that features Google Assistant; that means with an insane internet router, you also get a home Voice Assistant device built-in!

  1. Anker Wireless Charger

Constantly plugging and unplugging your phone from the charger gets annoying, not to mention the damage to the wires and the charging pin that can occur with minor accidents. The Anker wireless charger would be the best gift for your tech buddies, or even yourself.

Several smartphones now support the wireless charging feature so why not have a wireless charger? And at an extremely reasonable price? The Anker wireless charger can support different models so there won’t even be the struggle of not having an Android charger around among an iPhone family. Simply place the phone on the charging mat and there you go.

  1. Air Pods

This is the best present you can get for the friends with Apple iPhones. A little on the pricier side but AirPods set the bar high giving competition to other headphone manufacturers because of their sleek design and technology. It is your Apple headphones without the wiring and fit comfortably. For Apple users, it is literally a one-tap setup and instantly connects to your Apple device whether it’s an iPhone, Mac, iPad, even the Apple Watch.

  1. Lenovo – Smart Clock

Tech lover or not, the Lenovo Smart Clock will excite almost anybody. It’s been dubbed the “21st century version of a bedroom alarm clock” by TechRadar and it truly lives up to that.

The Lenovo Smart Clock features Google Assistant and you know what that means – you have a built-in Voice Assistant device along with a bedside alarm clock. So with this clock you can control anything that a Voice Assistant device like Amazon Alexa would have let you. Leave voice commands, set reminders for yourself, and control other smart home devices around you straight from your bed. This device is compatible with over 10,000 types of smart home devices and over 1000 different brands.

Along with being able to control all your smart home devices, this smart clock features a mini touch screen that is perfect to keep an eye on your home from your room. If you have smart cameras around your house, you can easily access the live feed from this small screen in your room. It’s great for security reasons.

Parting Thoughts

Tech lovers would be very thankful if they got any of these as presents on any occasion, but some of these devices may even attract those that aren’t very much tech savvy themselves. You could get these for your personal use, or if you can’t think of a great present to give to someone, then these are great options.

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